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Richt addresses Pruitt's comments on indoor facility

ATHENS - Jeremy Pruitt made waves on Tuesday night with his comments on Georgia's lack of an indoor practice facility: Yes, it had been used against Georgia in recruiting, but one was on the way for next year, so it wouldn't be an issue anymore.

The only thing is that it almost certainly won't be ready for next year. But head coach Mark Richt, speaking a day after his defensive coordinator's comments, said it was enough to know that the administration has finally agreed to build one.

"For me to know it's gonna happen, to know we're moving forward, you can recruit with that," Richt said. "And I think that's the point Jeremy was trying to make. He may have gotten a little overzealous on when it was gonna be in the ground and all that kind of thing. But I think he was just trying to let all our recruits know it was on the way."

The big debate is where to put it. Richt's preference is that it be somewhere close to the current facility. That would require getting rid of one or more of the team's four 100-yard practice fields (two artificial turf, two grass), but Richt understands that.

"That would be the first choice," Richt said of building the facility adjacent to the Butts-Mehre complex. "We've just got, again, to see the feasibility of all that. I think there's going to end up being a way - if it is on this plot land - where we can still have enough grass to get done what we need to get done."

Richt said he will be meeting with an architectural firm in a couple weeks to talk about that, as well as how big it should be, what needs to be in it, and other logistics.

"As soon as it can be done, it'll be done," Richt said. "These things take time and planning and depending on where it is and what has to be done to get it in the ground will determine maybe how long it takes before we get it done."

One thing Pruitt said was that the lack of an indoor facility had been used against Georgia in recruiting. Richt said he didn't know if he had lost a recruit because of that, but granted that he didn't know what was being "used against you" in recruiting. And recruits have asked him about when one will be built, Richt said.

"But the thing I want to reiterate is it's gonna happen, it's a matter of time," Richt said. "We just want to do it right. And I'm very excited and thankful for our administration and the board, the president, everybody who is in the middle of allowing us to get this thing done."