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This week's AP top 25 ballot

Here is my AP top 25 ballot following the second week of action.

1. Florida State

2. Alabama

3. Auburn

4. Oregon

5. Georgia

6. Oklahoma

7. Southern California

8. Baylor

9. LSU

10. Texas A&M

11. Virginia Tech

12. Michigan State

13. Ole Miss

14. Notre Dame

15. UCLA

16. Kansas State

17. Wisconsin

18. Stanford

19. Oklahoma State

20. Clemson

21. Duke

22. Louisville

23. Iowa

24. Missouri

25. BYU

In: Virginia Tech, Missouri, BYU

Out: Michigan (15), Nebraska (18), Ohio State (6)


The explanations:

- Much like last week, my rankings are a combination of preseason expectations and actual performance this season. The further we get, the more it will be purely about what's actually happened.

- Michigan State only makes a small drop, after being No. 9 last week. The Spartans had an extremely tough road trip and acquitted themselves well for most of the game, and shouldn't be penalized too much. If Oregon hadn't run away with it late I probably wouldn't have dropped Michigan State at all.

- Ohio State plummets all the way out, much like South Carolina did after being routed at home. The Buckeyes were a bit more competitive, so I almost kept them in, but ultimately I felt Missouri and BYU had earned their way by winning on the road.

- Nebraska also drops out after squeaking by McNeese State. My general rule is that a win is still a win, but this early in the season I think it's okay to adjust the rankings based on a very mediocre showing. ( I also moved Iowa down after a four-point home win over Ball State.) Again, I almost kept the Cornhuskers in the poll, but had a hard time justifying keeping them in while Missouri and BYU were sitting there.

- Last week I moved South Carolina all the way out of my poll and said it had a chance to play its way back in the next couple weeks. The effort against East Carolina didn't do much for me, but obviously there's another chance this week.