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Clemson-Georgia on Monday night? Don't count on it

ATHENS - Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney caused a bit of a stir on Monday, when he told USA TODAY that the Clemson-Georgia game to open the 2013 season could be moved from Saturday to Monday.

An intriguing proposition from a national standpoint: A potential matchup of two top-10 teams with high-powered offenses. ESPN would probably love the Monday night feature, and Clemson would apparently be open to it, judging by Swinney's bringing it up.

There's only one problem: Georgia almost certainly would balk at the idea.

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said he was "not aware" of the possibility, when asked his reaction to Swinney's comment. And frankly you would have a hard time seeing why Georgia would go along with it: The Bulldogs would face a short turnaround before another vital game, at home against South Carolina on the following Saturday.

So Georgia would have just five days to prepare for an important SEC game, against the team it has lost to three straight times, while South Carolina has a normal game week to prepare.

Good luck trying to sell Mark Richt on that.

(Clemson, meantime, hosts South Carolina State for its second game. So it would be more amenable to a short week.)

ESPN, if it likes the idea enough, could prod Georgia. But moving the game to Monday would require Georgia signing off, because there is a game contract that was signed by both parties.

I've learned never to say never, but the only way you could possibly see this work is if the SEC agrees to move the Georgia-South Carolina game to later, which then will result in more moving around of schedules and changing of nonconference game contracts. In the end, I really don't see moving Georgia-Clemson to Monday happening.

But the very fact it's being talked about just illustrates what a huge game it's setting up to be. The hype may end up making Georgia-Boise State look like a spring game.