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Murray will mull NFL future after the season

ATHENS - Aaron Murray isn't talked about often as a guy who could leave early for the NFL, but the Georgia junior quarterback is leaving the door open.

Murray fielded a number of questions about the possibility on Tuesday, which comes four days before what will be the final game at Sanford Stadium for any Georgia seniors - and any underclassmen who end up leaving.

"I don't know," Murray said, laughing. "I'm not thinking about that. I mean I've had friends and everyone ask me. I'm like, I don't know, I'm not worrying about that until after the season, and then I'll sit down with my family and make the best decision for myself and for my future.

"But I'm having too much fun right now. This season has been awesome. We still have so much ahead of us and so much excitement, I don't have time to think about anything else. I'm just living in the moment."

Murray, completing his third year as a starter, has already set several Georgia single-season and career passing records. If he does come back, he has a good chance to shatter the Georgia record book. So would that be an inducement to come back?

"I've never been a guy who worries about records," Murray said. "The only record I care about is the win-loss column. So that's something I came here to do is win championships. And right now we as a team have the opportunity to do that."

So win a championship he's gone, don't win a championship and he stays? (The question was asked in jest.)

"No, not at all," Murray said, laughing. "Like I said, I don't know. Multiple championships, I wanna get as many as I can."

Murray doesn't get mentioned with the other elite quarterback prospects, such as USC's Matt Barkley. But Tony Dungy, the former NFL head coach, said on Twitter recently that he would take Murray as high as second overall.

"That was pretty crazy. I had some people tweet me about that," Murray said. "It was pretty cool. Coach Dungy's a great guy, I know him, I played with his son Eric at Plant (High School in Tampa, Fla.). So he shoots me a text every now and then, saying, 'Great season so far, good luck,'things like that. Just an unbelievable guy, a good coach. That was definitely cool to hear."

The biggest impediment to Murray being drafted high is his height: He's only listed at 6-foot-1. But rookie Russell Wilson, who's even shorter than Murray, is having a strong rookie season for the Seattle Seahawks.

"Oh yeah him, Drew Brees. Short quarterbacks doing well, I love it," Murray said. "It definitely helps out that when everyone perceives short quarterbacks can't do well in the NFL and he's (Wilson) pretty darn short and he's doing extremely, extremely well for Seattle."


Following Tuesday's practice, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo was asked about Murray's potential pro future. Bobo said it was something that was to be discussed after the season, but added this:

“I think he has pro potential because of his intelligence. He’s a winner. And I think he’s improved every year he’s been here. And I think he’s gonna keep improving. The kid’s a type of guy that what he sets his sights to he usually attains his goals, throughout his whole life growing up. You just look at his life history, you put something out there that he wants to do, he gets it done. And I know right now he wants to win a championship.”