Bulldogs Beat

Bulldogs keeping an eye on Sandy

ATHENS - For all the factors that could decide the Georgia-Florida game, there's a chance the biggest one could be out of everybody's control: The weather.

Hurricane Sandy slammed Cuba on Wednesday and is now making its way north. There is this ominous headline right now on The Weather Channel's web site: "Florida's East Coast Watches for Sandy." They system is expected to move out to sea, with the outskirts of it affecting the Florida coast. The Northeast may be in more danger of being hit.

Still, a tropical storm watch has been issued for Florida's east coast, with the expectation the system would at least bring heavy rain and wind. By Saturday, it seems there will be a minimum of heavy winds in the Jacksonville area.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said after Wednesday's practice that he was aware of the potential for it to affect the game.

“We've been hearing 22 mph, and then I guess yesterday was 20 mph, I don't know what they're saying now," Richt said. "That's a lot of wind. That does affect a game more than I just think rain. I’ve been in some games where the wind’s just totally changed the game.

"If it’s a cross-wind it’s even probably more of an issue than if it’s in your face or behind you. But even that, there's issues with that. But when it's going sideways or swirling around in all different directions, it kind of wreaks havoc on all kinds of long balls, any kind of field goals. It is problematic. So we'll see. Hopefully it changes course."