Bulldogs Beat

'Keep calm, we've got Gurshall'

ATHENS - Aaron Murray's best quote on Tuesday wasn't from his interviews. It was from the shirt he was wearing.


(Just in case that needs to be explained to anyone: Gurshall means freshman tailbacks Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.)

The shirt was made last week by Murray's mother, who has turned what was a hobby into a business. Murray said the message on the shirt was also his mother's idea.

"She's creative. I'm not the creative one in the family," Murray said.

Why not make it: "Keep calm, we've got Murray"?

"I wouldn't want to wear that shirt, that's why," Murray said, laughing.

A few more notes from interviews with the Georgia quarterback:

- Murray was asked about the comment by South Carolina end Jadeveon Clowney that Georgia was giving away the snap count in their game. Clowney said Murray was tapping his center before every snap.

"Every team has their own way of indications for the snap of a ball for away games," Murray said. "You watch any game on TV, and you know - based on whether the center looks back, or the guard does. I mean you have to have something, because you can't hear me do the cadence. That's one of the challenges of playing away, is you have to do that, and guys can figure it out.

"We mixed it up during the game, he might've guessed it right here or there."

- Murray updated the condition of his father, who had surgery for thyroid cancer last week.

"He's doing well," he said. "He actually went to work on Friday. I told him: Dad, just take a break, relax. He doesn't like standing around, so he's always trying to do something. But he's doing well. He's just a little fatigued here and there. But like I said when I went back this weekend he was doing well."

- The decision to root for Florida this weekend against South Carolina may be a difficult one for many fans, but Murray knows it is necessary to Georgia's hopes to still win the SEC East.

"I think everyone gets a free pass who's a Georgia fan to root a bit (for Florida)," Murray said. "I'm not saying deck out in Florida gear, but definitely be a little happier if they come out with a victory on Saturday."