Bulldogs Beat

This week's AP top 25 ballot

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

4. LSU

5. Georgia

6. South Carolina

7. Notre Dame

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia

10. Florida

11. Ohio State

12. Texas

13. Oregon State

14. Southern California

15. TCU

16. Louisville

17. Clemson

18. Louisiana Tech

19. Stanford

20. Rutgers

21. Texas Tech

22. Northwestern

23. Washington

24. Oklahoma

25. Boise State


- Also considered: Nebraska, Cincinnati, UCLA, Mississippi State, Miami, Texas A&M, Northern Illinois.

- I don't usually drop teams that win, but I've done it two straight weeks now with LSU. The Tigers have looked pretty mediorce in wins over Auburn and Towson. The only thing that kept me dropping them past Georgia and South Carolina is their earlier 41-3 win over Washington, which just beat previousy unbeaten Stanford.

- Speaking of Washington, it was a conundrum what to do with the Huskies, Stanford and Southern California. We're now far enough into the season that the principal reason for ranking teams can't be whether they lost or beat such-and-such team. In other words, don't tell me that USC can't be ahead of Stanford because USC lost to Stanford, and that Washington must be ahead of Stanford. If you use that criteria you'll trap wrap youself into a corner. Body of work, as I always say. Body of work.

- That said, I did vault Ohio State, Texas and Oregon State over USC, based on quality wins for those teams. (The Trojans were idle.)

- Out of my poll: Michigan State and Iowa State.

- In my poll: Texas Tech (which beat Iowa State) and Washington.

- Yes, I'm still holding out on Mississippi State, waiting for it to get a quality win. The Bulldogs were idle this weekend.

- I also moved Boise State down to the final spot, after being 22 last week. The Broncos' lone loss, to Michigan State, looks weaker by the day. And I dropped Oklahoma to 24, because it hasn't really done anything yet.