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Call for the mailbag

ATHENS - By now, I think you know what to do here. But ... just ... in ... case ...

You can submit your question by posting in the comment section below, or e-mailing me at semerson@macon.com, or tweeting at me at @sethemerson.

Or, you can slow your car down and yell out to me as I'm jogging this morning in east Athens. I don't particularly recommend that, and I probably won't hear you because I'll be listening to Snap's "The Power" on a constant loop ... but hey, it's worth a try.

There's lots to talk about this week. Which TV series debut are you most looking forward to: "Modern Family," or "30 Rock," or "Homeland," or something else? Does Mitt Romney's 47 percent video doom his candidacy, or will the debates change the tide? What in the world has happened to Amanda Bynes? Or, perhaps more importantly, who is Amanda Bynes?

Oh, but you probably have questions about Georgia football. Well, I'll take those questions too.

I have one new request this week: If you can, please say where you live when you submit your question. It's just kind of cool to see where everyone is based. (But please be honest. We already have at least one regular writer from Afghanistan, so good luck being more exotic than that.)

Fire away.