Bulldogs Beat

From the locker room: 'The second half, it was fine'

Players and coaches weigh in after Georgia's 56-20 win over Florida Atlantic on Saturday night.

MARK RICHT, Georgia head coach

On the offensive showing:

"Schematically, most of the completions were big chunks. And when you get that it usually means your coaching staff did a good job of scheming it up and exploiting some things you saw on tape."

Not having Jarvis Jones:

"We got them to third down, we couldn't get off the field. Guys like Jarvis get you off the field. Obviously we've seen that with him. I think it affected us, I don't think there's any doubt. If Jarvis played I think we'd be more productive when it came to pressuring the passer. And knowing Jarvis he probably would've had a sack or two, because he's Jarvis."

Judging the defense with so many guys out:

"I think it is hard to get a read, because it's kind of a revolving door personnel-wise. It's not like we've had our top 11 guys, and never been any issues with injuries or suspension. So I think it's still hard to gauge what we've got."

The freshmen tailbacks going for 100 in the same game:

"It was probably more what they envisioned, because they are good friends, and they wanted to play together. They wanted to complement each other with their abilities. I know they're good friends, roommates. They're probably thinking their plan is going pretty good so far."

On receivers:

"Game 1, T.K. had over 100 (yards), Marlon in Game 2 had over 100, and Michael had over 100 today. We do have a lot of versatility, a lot of diversity. There is no one guy, which is great. Because when people look at film defensively, they're trying to find who the most productive guy is and shut him down."

TODD GRANTHAM, Georgia defensive coordinator

On Jarvis Jones not playing:

"I would say he was kind of doubtful on Thursday, and we were gonna wait and see what would happen giving him treatment. The more we thought about it, we have some good players behind him, and it's a long season. We felt it'd be the best thing to wait, and give some other guys a chance to play. So that's what we did."

On the first half:

"We didn't fit things the way we need to fit. You can give them some credit. Some of it might be new guys in new spots. But the only way you're gonna get better is if you play. Those guys continued to play. ... Once our guys saw what they were doing and how to fit it up ... got a feel for it, I thought they played pretty good."

On the third down defense:

"The second half it was fine. You know, there's a couple things we need to do a little bit better. We were good last week. We weren't as good this week as we were last week. So we just gotta continue to work and get better and show the guys that didn't fit it up how to fit it up so we can go win some games."


The game:

"It was a fun game. I've gotta give a lot of credit to the offensive line. You know, I left with my jersey pretty clean. I got hit a couple times but no sacks. That's always a great feeling. And the receivers made some huge plays. Arty (Lynch) making a great move and diving for a touchdown. Bennett with a great burst to get that nice long touchdown as well. So it was a full team effort."


On Michael Bennett:

"He just continues to make plays, every game we play."

On racking up more than 700 total yards:

"We had a lot of explosive plays, which was good to see. I still think one of our most explosive players is still over there on defense. He got us one play and made his explosive play."

Overall feeling of the game:

"No, I wish we'd take care of the ball. I don't like the turnovers. I don't like a pick-six. I don't like not scoring in the red zone, throwing interceptions in the end zones. That was a negative. We've gotta continue to build on that, and learn that that can cost us in some games. But I just liked the effort. I like the way we answered in the first half."


His interception and touchdown:

"It was a good feeling. There's nothing like it. Especially here (at home). There's nothing like scoring here. You've got everybody screaming and everybody slapping your head."

The defense:

“We were having some communication issues at the beginning of the game so once we were able to come in to the locker room at half time, we could sit down and figure out what we needed to do differently in the second half.”


First half problems:

"They weren't doing anything that we weren't prepared for. We just weren't disciplined as a whole defense. We weren't staying in gaps, we weren't playing double moves in the back in the passing game. We finally settled down at the end of the second quarter, and we made adjustments at halftime. And we came and played Georgia defense in the second half."

Third game with first-half issues:

"Early in the season it's easy to not play a complete game. I think last year we didn't really start putting it all together until the middle of the season. Auburn last year was the first time we played a really complete game. But I think we're much closer at this point than we were at this point last year. So I look for this team to do some pretty big things these next few games."


On the defense in the first half:

"There's no theme. We just need to find a way to play as a complete defense, so to speak, play the first half and the second half unstoppable defense. It's no thing. We just need to find a way."

DAMIAN FORTNER, Florida Atlantic tailback

On the game:

"The first half was fun. We were in this game. We were executing and doing our thing. You never come into a game expecting to lose. Georgia is a good team but we came to play and we’re not happy coming away with a loss.”