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State solid in APR scores


The news was mostly good and improving for the state's Division I athletics programs and the latest NCAA numbers regarding the Academic Progress Rate.

The NCAA released 2010-11 and multi-year figures for the 360-plus Division I members on Wednesday.

No team in the state is facing any penalties from APR scores, while the same can't be said for neighboring states Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Overall, 35 teams nationally – ranging from Central Connecticut State men's soccer to Connecticut men's basketball – will be penalized for at least 2012-13.  Another 15, including UConn, are ineligible for the postseason in 2012-13.

Benchmarks of 900, 925 and 930 signify the possibility of sanctions, ranging from probation to postseason ineligibility.

Mercer had nine teams finish the four-year multi-year period with averages of 950 (out of 1,000) or better.

Women's golf topped the program with a 993, followed closely by softball (991), volleyball (983) and women's soccer (981).

Men's lacrosse was the only sport to fall below the 925/930 standards at 921, but 2010-11 was only its first season of competition.

For the 2010-11 year alone, women's and men's basketball, softball, women's golf and volleyball finished with a perfect 1,000. Baseball wasn't far behind at 989 with men's and women's cross country also at 975 or better.

Men's tennis bottomed out at 833 for the year, with men's golf (919) and men's tennis (917) also below the 925 mark. Rifle, which has been discontinued, had a 948 multi-year and 875 single year.

Georgia Tech improved across the board, with all teams exceeding the 930. Two more teams at least maintained the status quo in their multi-year scores, giving the Yellow Jackets 12 of 17 teams staying the same or improving.

Golf, women's cross country and men's tennis all posted perfect 1,000 scores for the multi-year equation.

Golf, men's basketball, men's swimming, men's tennis, women's cross country, women's tennis women's indoor and outdoor track and softball had 1,000 for 2010-11. Football recorded a 962 multi-year score and 974 for 2010-11.

A dozen Georgia teams improved on last year's scores, including baseball and men's basketball.

Ten had their best marks since the APR began nearly a decade ago.

No program finished below 950 for the multi-year, with men's track (945), women's basketball (940) and football (942) below that for 2010-11. Football had a 942 for 2010-11 and 970 for the multi-year.

Georgia Southern had 10 teams improve for the year, and all but two passed the 925.

Recording a 1,000: cross country, women's basketball, golf, men's tennis and women's tennis.

Football (923) and men's basketball (902) were below the multi-year 925, but both recorded solid marks – and signs of improvement – for 2010-11, with football at 953 and men's basketball at 955.

Both sports had been penalized for subpar scores, and faced further discipline without progress.

Only two teams at Georgia State fell below 950 for the multi-year period, with volleyball and women's basketball at 949 each.

But women's basketball had only an 897 for 2010-11. Men's tennis (943) and women's golf (923) fell below 950.

Women's soccer had the best multi-year APR with a 992, followed by women's tennis (990), softball (988), men's golf (985) and baseball (981).

All but one Kennesaw State team finished the multi-year span with at least a 935.

Baseball had a 949 multi-year but dropped to 900 for 2010-11, which men's basketball countered with a 980 for that season and a 901 multi-year. Academic issues led to the dismissal of men's head basketball coach Tony Ingle after the 2010-11 season.

Five teams scored below 950 for the 2010-11 year.

Savannah State has a few teams that are close to the 925.

Football had 922 for 2010-11 and 921 for the multi-year. Volleyball's 927 multi-year score was boosted by a 975 for 2010-11. Women's indoor and outdoor track, men's golf and women's basketball also failed to pass 925 for 2010-11.


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