Georgia Tech

AMC in photographs

Some photographs of Alexander Memorial Coliseum across the years:

The old McDonald's court. Back when the McDonald's logo was on the court in the 1990s. Photo Credit:

Not sure how old this is, but this is the arena before the black block of media seats were added above the lower right corner of the floor. This, clearly was taken before a set of commencement exercises. Photo Credit:

Another image from the McDonald's court days. This is the sight most are used to seeing when they hear "Thrillerdome." This appears to be a capacity crowd, and I see a lot of Carolina blue in the stands, so I'll assume Tech is playing UNC in this photo. You also see the media section installed there in the lower right corner. Photo Credit:

An aerial shot of the Coliseum and its iconic roof. The roof will remain through the renovation. You can tell this wasn't taken this winter; 10th street looks newly repaved. Photo Credit:

Alexander Memorial Coliseum

Not sure the exact date on this one, but we'll assume 1953 or 1954. This is original construction of the Coliseum roof from Georgia State's library. Further photo credit:


One final shot of the roof from the inside. This is a 2009 photo from my colleague Josh D. Weiss.