Georgia Tech

The Shape of Things to Come (Football)

With the start of Georgia Tech's spring practices a mere 28 days away, what better time to take a peek at the Yellow Jackets' potential spring depth chart than now. Yeah, we've got plenty of time until the pigskin starts flying in Bobby Dodd Stadium again (the practice fields are littered with construction equipment as the indoor facility continues to be erected in time for August), but why not now?

This is "the shape of things to come." Once a week until spring practice begins, I'll take a look at some of the key position groups where the Jackets hope to build depth this season. Now one year removed from only the second losing season of Paul Johnson's personal 14-year head-coaching tenure, the Jackets are hoping "the shape of things to come" sort of resembles what they had in 2009. They won the ACC championship that year and advanced into a BCS bowl.

As far as the phrase "the shape of things to come," truthfully, it just kind of came to me as I was typing out the blog. Something in the cosmos told me to give this blog that title. I like it. For one, I like it because it's the title to one of my favorite episodes from my favorite television show of all-time, LOST. (For you fellow LOST fans, this was the episode where Mr. Keamy killed Ben Linus' daughter, Alex, in front of him. It also, I believe, was the first episode where we saw flashforwards to the times when Ben tried to recruit Oceanic survivors to go back to the island....OK, now that my dorky side is revealed...). And for two, because it does give a good indication, I feel, of what to expect when the Jackets return in the fall. So without further ado:

(Potential starters listed first; backups in no particular order)


~Tevin Washington, Jr.

~David Sims, Soph.

~Synjyn Days, R-Fr.

~Darryl Dickey, R-Fr.


~Richard Watson, Jr. OR Preston Lyons, Sr.

~Charles Perkins, R-Fr.

~David Sims, Soph.


~Roddy Jones, Sr. AND Orwin Smith, Jr.

~Embry Peeples, Sr.

~Marcus Wright, Sr.

~B.J. Bostic, Soph.

~Robert Godhigh, Soph.

~Deon Hill, R-Fr.

~Tony Zenon, R-Fr.

~DeShon Scott, Soph.

~Jamal Paige, Jr.

~Sam McNearney, R-Fr.


~Tyler Melton, Sr. AND Stephen Hill, Jr.

~Daniel McKayhan, Jr.

~Jeremy Moore, R-Soph.***Medical Redshirt pending

~John Lockhart, Jr.

~Jamie Alvarez, R-Fr.

~Marty Alcala, R-Fr.

~Tre Garrett, R-Fr.


~Jay Finch, Soph.

~Ray Beno, Soph.

TACKLES *Note, some may also play other OL positions

~Phil Smith, Jr.

~Tyler Kidney, Soph.

~Morgan Bailey, R-Fr.

~Trey Braun, Fr.

GUARDS *Note, some may also play other OL positions

~Omoregie Uzzi, Jr. AND Will Jackson, Soph.

~Nick McRae, Jr.

~J.C. Lanier, Soph. (switching from DL)

~Catlin Alford, R-Fr.

~Tanner Shirah, R-Fr.

~Alexander Carvajal, R-Fr.


~Logan Walls, Sr.

~T.J. Barnes, Jr.

~Shawn Green, R-Fr.

~Ben Keith, Soph.

~Denzel McCoy, R-Fr.


~Jason Peters, Sr. AND Izaan Cross, Jr.

~Emmanuel Dieke, Soph.

~Euclid Cummings, Soph.

~Anthony Williams, R-Fr.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS *Note, some could play inside, too

~Steven Sylvester, Sr.

~Jeremiah Attaochu, Soph.

~Albert Rocker, Sr.

~Malcolm Munroe, Jr.

~Christopher Crenshaw, Soph.

~Morgan Carter, Soph. (Transferred from Rutgers last fall)

~Tyler Kelly, Soph.

INSIDE LINEBACKERS *Note, some could play outside, too

~Julian Burnett, Jr.

~Brandon Watts, Soph.

~B.J. Machen, Sr.

~Daniel Drummond, Soph. (switching from offense)

~Quayshawn Nealy, R-Fr.

~Morgan Wright, R-Fr.

~Corey Alford, Soph.

~Robert Hogan, III, Jr.

~Ryan Sparlin, R-Fr.

~Joshua Rogers, R-Fr.


~Isaiah Johnson, Soph.

~Jemea Thomas, Soph.

~Fred Holton, Soph.

~Lance Richardson, Soph.

~Stephen Mann, Jr.

~Coray Carlson, R-Fr.


~Rod Sweeting, Jr. AND Rashaad Reid, Sr.

~Michael Peterson, Sr.

~Louis Young, Soph.

~Ryan Ayers, R-Fr.


~Justin Moore, Soph.

~Chandler Anderson, Sr.

~Andy Elakman, Jr.

~Chris Tanner, Jr.

~Ty Rawlings, Sr.

~David Scully, Soph.


~Sean Poole, Jr. (not playing baseball this spring as he rehabs from leg injury)

~Chandler Anderson, Sr.

~Chris Tanner, Jr.


~Tyler Morgan, Jr.

~Corey Pritchett, Soph.