Georgia Tech

Tuesday Taste: 'Simplicity: What does it mean? Does it really exist for GT defense?

ATLANTA — For two years now, the word has become common nomenclature around Georgia Tech’s defense.

But when he hears the word “simplified,” Paul Johnson wants to scream.

“I don’t think (the defense) is ever complex,” the head coach said Tuesday morning during his weekly news conference comments. “A lot of it depends on how we play is what the answer will be. If we don’t play well, it’ll be because the no-huddle got us, and we didn’t see that formation and we were flat and all the usual reasons.

“If we play well, it’ll be well, we played fast, it was simple, we knew what we were doing. That’s generally the way it works.”

Although he believes his players’ usage of variations of the word “simplify” are convenient ways of shirking responsibility, the fact remains that for two seasons, they have credited easier-to-understand game plans as a factor of success.

Following a win over North Carolina last season, defenders credited a simpler scheme as one of the primary contributors to their accomplishment. They said they found they had fewer obligations and were freed to fly around the field easier, in turn creating more tackles on ballcarriers.

Saturday night, minutes after beating Wake Forest, this year’s version of the defense said the same thing.

“We got things more simplified down so we could move around and play faster,” safety Jerrard Tarrant said just after leaving BB&T Field. “As long as we can keep playing faster and knowing what to do and everybody stays in the right place at the right time, we’ll continue to get better.”......


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