Georgia Tech

GT-UNC Pregame Observations: News and notes

Here were are live from Kenan Stadium, site of Game 3 for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. It's actually a pretty nice day, weather is a little warm for football, but taht should make for a good day for all skill players involved.

Some quick observations before we get going. Just got back from walking around the field, where the Yellow Jackets are dressing in a set of trailers just beyond the East end zone. The reason they're in trailers? Construction. There's even construction where North Carolina is renovating its scoreboard in that end zone, in addition to the new football facility. Apparently, the locker room trailers are pretty nice (Chaplain Derrick Moore said as much during a conversation with me just now).

Another observation. There are some "big" names in the building today. Before the game, I spotted an Orange Bowl official walking over to talk to head coach Paul Johnson. He was bedecked in the usual orange blazer that the guys from the committee normally wear. Seems a little early for bowl selection committees to be checking out games, though. Just my couple of pennies...

Also in attendance is Doug Rhoads, the director of officiating in the ACC.

Finally, Bobby Ross, famed former Georgia Tech head coach is expected to be here, as well. Ross is one of the former coaches who comprise the 18-man Legends Poll voting committee. The Legends Poll, unlike the AP and USA Today Coaches, comes out after teams have played a couple of games. This Sunday will be the first day this year's poll is unveiled.

Ross, the man responsible for leading the Yellow Jackets to their last national title in 1990, is responsible for viewing a few Georgia Tech games per year. That is, if the Yellow Jackets are among the teams slated for inclusion in the top 25. Since the Jackets are right now receiving votes in the AP, it stands that he'd be here checking them out. Besides, his Virginia home isn't TOO far away from here. I'd imagine he'll check out the Virginia Tech-GT game in November, as well.

Finally, my last observations are this: Two Jackets will be making their first career starts today. A-back Orwin Smith and inside linebacker Brandon Watts will be seeing their time on the field early as Tech shakes up its playing roster.

Smith will replace Marcus Wright, who started at A-back last week, and will play alongsie Roddy Jones. Watts will be starting for Kyle Jackson, who started the first two games. Offensive guard Will Jackson will be returning to the starting lineup, as well.

That's all for now. Follow me on Twitter @macontechtalk for in-game tweeting and comments. I'll also try to have a post-game video breakdown from Chapel Hill.