Georgia Tech

Pregame Notes: McRae, Wright, I.Johnson get 1st Starts

Alright, folks, I'm reporting to you live from Kivisto Field at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Ks. And boy, is it a great-looking day. Had a terrible (I said turrible, Charles Barkley) thunderstorm last night, but you couldn't tell it ever rained today.

(If you want to see pics of the stadium, follow me @macontechtalk, where I have posted some pictures)

OK, now for a few pregame notes for you.

Junior A-back Marcus Wright, sophomore offensive guard Nick McRae and true freshman safety Isaiah Johnson are slated for their first starts of their careers.

Wright will be relieving Embry Peeples, although he is expected to share time with Orwin Smith and Peeples at one A-back position. McRae will be playing in place of guard Will Jackson, who went down with a knee and ankle sprain last week. Johnson will be playing in place of Cooper Taylor (who is actually accidentally listed as a starter on the flip card), who went out with a heat-related injury last week against South Carolina State.