Georgia Tech

Tuesday Taste: A-backs Relishing their Radar Roles

ATLANTA — Joshua Nesbitt has said 2010 will be his best year quarterbacking the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

His head coach, Paul Johnson has hinted that the season ought to be successful for their deep set of B-backs, as well.

But what about Georgia Tech’s A-backs? That scrappy, leg-seeking, cut-blocking, pass-catching group of shorter, quicker running backs has, at least from those outside the program, escaped much of the attention that has followed other members of the Yellow Jackets’ offense.

“We know how important we are to the team; especially blocking-wise,” junior A-back Roddy Jones said. “If we get the blocks on the perimeter for Josh and (B-back) Anthony (Allen), we can have a big year. So we know how important we are to this offense, and we take great pride in it.”

For unsuspecting defenders, that translates into: keep your head on a swivel. The A-backs this season believe they are full of slippery, tough-to-defend quickness, and lots of it.

“We’re going to have a lot of speed to the game,” A-back Embry Peeples said. “What people will say is, they’re going to say we’ve got a good group of fast players. So every game should be played with speed with us on the field.”.....



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