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Tuesday Taste: Tackle Phil Smith this Preseason Begins Comeback from Injury

Another GT feature taste...

ATLANTA — If there was any way he could have, Phil Smith would have rewritten the script that led to the short scene and act he was in the night of Dec. 5.

Before the action even began, the backdrop was set in the most magical, storybook fashion.

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Phil Smith, on a created cover of the Xbox version of "NCAA Football 10." Smith begins his comeback with a tight three- to four-man battle this preseason. Photo credit:

There he was, the starting offensive tackle for a team contending for a championship held in his hometown. It stood to be likely the only time during his career that he’d get to play in the city of his youth.

To make matters even more special, thanks in one part to strong midseason work from him, and in another to injuries that ransacked the unit on which he played, the redshirt freshman found himself thrust into the limelight, asked to help carry his team down its torrid late- and postseason stretch.

But then it happened. A crack, a pop and down with a thud he fell, barely getting a chance to play in one of the most special games of his life.

Early in the first half of what would become Georgia Tech’s narrow 39-34 ACC championship game win over Clemson, Smith, a Yellow Jackets offensive tackle, broke his leg to abruptly end what stood to be a true feel-good story.

Now, with the memory of that night behind him, Smith turns his sights on moving forward with the promise of picking right up where he left off.

“It’s doing great,” Smith said earlier this week about his ankle. “It hurts a little bit, but that’s to be expected. I don’t really notice it; it’s not even an after-thought.”

For more than three months, it was.......


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