Georgia Tech

Video Blog: Chatting About Football, Culture with OLB Anthony Egbuniwe

Well, folks, we just left Bobby Dodd Stadium's "Historic" Grant Field, where Georgia Tech just completed its first scrimmage of the 2010 preseason. I'm about to crank out a couple of stories with observations I gleaned from the exercises, but until I get a chance to post them, enjoy this quick video blog taken mere moments after the action concluded.

As reporters were getting interviews done with players, outside linebacker Anthony Egbuniwe was kind enough to stop by and chat with me on a cool, but muggy day. In this clip, he shares his thoughts on Tech's new 3-4 defense and a couple of meaningful pieces of art that display the importance of his family and his Nigerian culture.

Thanks for checking out the video; we hope to have another next Saturday and through the remainder of the preseason schedule.

(And forgive the audio. It's a little noisy in the background)