Georgia Tech

TechTalk Video Blog: Anthony Allen on Day 1

Hot off the presses (or is it tape decks? Interwebs?), we've got a brand new MaconTechTalk video embedded below. This was shot this afternoon (Thursday) just after Georgia Tech's first practice of the 2010 season.

The sweltering, 90-degree-plus weather wasn't enough to keep Anthony Allen's spirits up, as he stopped by to talk with yours truly. Enjoy the video; hopefully I'll be able to snag a few more quick player interviews like this over the course of the season.

Oh, and ignore me asking about the "hardest hit." Complete brain freeze... It was the first day; i.e. no hitting going on whatsoever! Thanks for saving me there, though, Anthony. Great answer.

EDITOR'S (or is it publisher's?) NOTE: Many thanks to the AJC's Doug Roberson, who actually shot this for me.