Georgia Tech

Tech avoiding infractions bug

Here's a snippet of what to expect in tomorrow's Telegraph and online tomorrow as two Georgia Tech players talk about the allegations surrounding NCAA infractions at several nearby schools.

So far, no inquiries to investigate at Tech have been made by the NCAA. Still, all this talk of agents being equated to pimps and the like has even the Yellow Jackets talking. Check this out:

ATLANTA — So far, so good for Georgia Tech.

 The Yellow Jackets have been given a relative clean bill of health from the NCAA, as the football program has avoided contracting the apparent infractions bug that has sickened numerous coaches and fans across the Southeast.

 On Wednesday, after learning that SEC powers Florida, Alabama and South Carolina were under investigation by the NCAA for rules infractions, the University of Georgia joined the club, as NCAA officials told the school it requested to speak with players, coaches and administrators.

 Much of this stems from an alleged exchange of money, gifts and favors by agents and their runners to recent student-athletes at these schools. Some of the athletes in question were attendants at a party in Miami earlier this year, and several agents were in attendance...



...“I haven’t really heard all of the information about it. But I feel like there’s some things you can’t control,” Yellow Jackets quarterback Joshua Nesbitt said. “There are some things you need to put your foot down about, but there are some things you just can’t control.”

 So is it a good thing or a bad thing the players who accepted the money and gifts did so?

 “It’s hard to say it’s a good thing or a bad thing,” Nesbitt said. “Overall, it’s a bad thing to accept money when it’s not your job to play.

 “But you don’t know everybody’s situation. Their back might be against the wall and this is their last leg. Who’s to say they’re wrong?”


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