Georgia Tech

Live from Atlanta, practice updates to be seen on TechTalk

Spring Practice is finally here, football fans! I know you're excited just as I am to see what this next season has in store for the Yellow Jackets. Of course it's Year Two in the Paul Johnson Era, and a lot of questions remain to be answered. Like, "How good with the defensive line be this year?" "Can the offense be run even better this year?" "How much of the run-n-shoot is Johnson adding to the offense this year?" Yes, all those questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks, but for now, i just wanted to give you guys a little update...from Atlanta.

I'll be here for much of the spring practice seaseon, which means I'm going to have live updates, and blog postings throughout the week from Rose Bowl Fields, the site of Georgia Tech's 2009 spring season. Of course, I'll also have stories here online at, but alsoin the print editions of The Telegraph.

So check back to the Web site often this week. In fact, in that vein, I'll be figuring out some way this week to deliver blog updates throughout practice of little noteworthy things I see while the workouts go on. If you don't see any updates today, though, don't worry, I'm still trying to work out the kinks of wireless internet on campus. But... even if the updates don't come on the blog, they will for sure be found on a new stop for your Tech coverage at So if you have an account on twitter (or even you don't, get one, it's free and easy to create), follow me on there this afternoon as I'll at least be able to update off my phone if nothing else.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in, and thanks for making your place for your Georgia Tech coverage!