Georgia Tech

What were 2008's Top 10 GT football Moments?

What were the best moments of 2008? Who had the most memorable play of the year? Where does the UGA win rank in Georgia Tech's proudest moments of last season?

Come back here to the TechTalk blog, and to over the next few days, where yours truly, The Telegraph's Tech beat reporter Coley Harvey, will count down the top 10 moments of last year.

We'll kick off the countdown tomorrow in The Telegraph and on the Web site with moment No. 10. What is it? You're going to have to take the time to come back tomorrow for the answer.

Also, feel free to debate with me. If you don't agree on a ranking or agree on an item, let us all know by hitting the "Comments" link underneath each blog posting. And, if you do agree with a moment, or have an interesting story about what you were doing when it happened, feel free to share that, as well.

We will hear from you in the next few days!

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