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Peach State Pigskin Preview: Johnson on Media Guides, Nesbitt and the ACC

OK, I know I haven't been on here in a while. Not sure how many people are actually checking the blog still (I know it's so tough to get to on the Web site), but when I do get some good tidbits from Tech, I like to put them here. So at least check occassionally. Of course, during the football/basketball seasons, we'll have a lot more time to devote to a lot more tidbits, so the blog will be updated regularly at those times.

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As I promised to those of you in Twitterland earlier today, here are a few extra thoughts from Paul Johnson and Bill Curry from today's Peach State Pigskin Preview (also known as the one day a year when the state media flocks to the bustling metropolis of Macon to meet college coaches statewide). It's great for me, because for a change, the coaches and players come to me.

But without further ado, let's get into the heads of some of Tech's now most respected head coache s:

Paul Johnson

With respect to Ohio State and Michigan State's new anti-media guide policies, Coach Johnson was asked about Tech's media guides, and whether or not he thought they were still used as helpful tools for recruiting, or if it even matters to have them anymore now that the World Wide Web has consumed us all:

To some degree maybe. I think it’s kind of gone by the wayside some. I don’t think they’re used quite as much as they once were before the Internet-age and all the media stuff.

I think we’ve cut way back on the number we produce. I don’t know how much of a recruiting tool it is. It probably is somewhat, but it probably is not as big a deal as it used to be.

The Yellow Jackets' head ball coach was also asked about Josh Nesbitt and the progress he made not only this spring, but the progress he's made since last year. This will, of course, be just his second year as Tech's starting QB, and Paul Johnson continued to let us know that :

He’s like everybody else, I think he’ll be a lot better. People forget—they talk about the system and everything—but it was his first year of being a quarterback. No matter what you do, he’s going to get better, and I think the people around him are going to be better. So I look for him to have a much better year.

It seems like it becomes a bit of a refrain this time of year to ask about the ACC and just how good the parity in the conference is, and about the lack of respect it seems to get with respect to the SEC. I'm sure I'll be writing a story or two about this the closer we get to the season. But it still bears asking the question. Why does it seem the parity in the ACC goes largely unnoticed? Particularly after Tech's 2-1 showing against SEC teams last season, including its win over Georgia?

I think the whole conference is good. We’re in an area where the SEC gets so much hoopla, and they’ve got good teams. But if you look last year head-to-head, the ACC beat the SEC in head-to-head competition. If you look the last five years in the NFL Draft, they’ve had (about the) same number of first-round draft picks—I think the SEC has had one more first-round draft pick in the last five years than the ACC. What the ACC hasn’t had in the last few years is a team at the top a la Florida or LSU or whatever, but from top to bottom, I think you could make the argument that there’s more parity in the one league than the other league.

One school has 40,000 students, the other has 12. Mark’s done a good job while he’s been there. We need to be more consistent. Maybe if we’re more consistent, maybe that all’s going to come. If your big thing is 90,000 people, we’re probably not going to have 90,000 people. But that doesn’t mean we can’t compete with them on the field.

OK, that's going to be all I'll post today. As I said on Twitter, I had a full day with quotes from Johnson and Bill Curry. Curry had a lot of good things to say about Tech, and we'll have those on the blog tomorrow. I'll also update with more Media Day quotes later on this week. So keep checking the blog, keep checking (I plan to have a couple of other stories on there throughout the week, including one on Perry native and former Yellow Jacket James Liipfert and his new job with the New England Patriots), and keep following me on Twitter @macontechtalk. Thanks a lot!