Georgia Tech

Extra notes and quotes on Jaybo Shaw's comeback from injury

Following Tuesday's practice, I got a chance to catch up with backup quarterback Jaybo Shaw to ask him how he's been coming along since returning from a broken collarbone suffered three weeks before the season began. He rejoined the team officially last week, taking in light, non-contact drills and donning a gold non-contact jersey during workouts.

Tuesday, he and freshman quarterback Jordan Luallen (who hurt an ankle during preseason practices and wore a red injured-player jersey for several weeks) walked back together to Bobby Dodd Stadium from Tech's Rose Bowl practice fields both wearing their routine white offense practice tops. It was a sight that hadn't been seen in these parts in quite some time (that sounds like the opening to a story....check today's story on Shaw's comeback).

Anyway, here are a few exerpts that didn't make the story from Jaybo's own mouth. He was definitely glad to begin getting back into a regular swing of things. Check this out:

Q: I know it's good to be out of something other than a gold jersey, how have the last couple of weeks gone for you?

It’s really gone a lot better. Those first two or three weeks right after surgery they were rough, but after that, I can honestly say it feels better than it did before, throwing-the-ball-wise. It’s great to be back in a white jersey and to get to travel to with the guys.

Q: You said you're throwing better, how much better does your shoulder and everything around the collarbone feel?

It just feels stronger. A lot of people would think that it would be more vulnerable now that I’ve had surgery on it, but the doctors just said that it’s going to be stronger than it was before. So I’m just really thankful for that,

Our medical staff here did a great job. I was in here every day just stretching and getting heat on it and little stuff like that got me back faster.

Q: Describe your comeback when it comes to getting used to throwing after time off recuperating?

I tried to rush a little bit early coming back and it was starting to change my throwing motion so I had to go back and warm up at five yards and then 10 yards; which was very frustrating because it’s slow. Now, it doesn’t bother me at all. I went through all of practice (Tuesday) and didn’t have any problems. I took all the reps with the twos and it felt good.

Q: You were saying that you're glad to travel now. How hard was it staying here when the team went to Miami?

In the home games, I was able to stand on the sidelines and wear the headset still, but away games it was tough, it was killing me. I watched the first series (against Miami) and was like, ‘I can’t do it.’ It was rough because I knew the gameplan from meetings.


I also caught up with

starter Josh Nesbitt

and briefly asked him about Jaybo's trek back. Here's a quote from our interview, as well:

Q: Jaybo says his passing is much better than it was before, how have you seen him improve?

He’s looking real good. He’s got his throwing motion back. When we’re throwing with each other, I try not to go too far away because with me throwing with him, I don’t want him to get to the point where he’s hurting. But he has looked real good throwing the ball.