Georgia Tech

Video: A little football pick-me-up on a Tues. morning

Here's a little something that should get any football fan inspired on a Tuesday morning or a Saturday morning. I'm sure some of the more die-hard Yellow Jackets fans out there have already seen this clip, but the following video is a sampling of what Georgia Tech's players probably heard in their lockerroom before last week's game against North Carolina.

Following their 24-7 win over the Tar Heels, a few Tech players credited team chaplain Derrick Moore with getting them up and excited for the game just moments before kickoff. Underneath the north end zone stands at Bobby Dodd Stadium, Moore reached down deep and gave his impassioned plea that Saturday's game be all about accountability -- that the Jackets hold themselves accountable for everything that happens in the game, and find a way to emerge victorious.

Here's a quote from safety Morgan Burnett, who had two interceptions during the game, and walked away with ACC Defensive Back of the Week honors Monday:

"He's a powerful speaker, and you know that D-Mo has your best interest at heart. Just seeing D-Mo on the sidelines out there supporting you, you don't want to let D-Mo down. He's a great motivator, and seeing him gets you pumped up and makes you want to give it your all."

Watching this clip makes me want to run out and knock down some walls or something myself. Goodness. This was taken three years ago (I believe) against North Carolina in 2006. I believe it may have been one of the infamous sledgehammer games that running back Tashard Choice made famous. B-back Jonathan Dwyer said this past Saturday's game was NOT a sledgehammer game.