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Wednesday ACC/Clemson linkage: Conference Irrelevance? Football Econ boon? Spiller or Dwyer?

Happy 9.9.09 Day, everyone out there in the land of the Interwebs. I'm actually going to have a really busy day for you guys on the TechTalk blog. I've got another post coming later today to honor this rarest of days, devoted all to the number 9. I'll also have another post I'm going to work on today, but will publish sometime for tomorrow. Remember last year's White Out against Miami? Well, I'm going to revisit some words on that that I posted about 10 months ago... check out for that in the A.M. on Thursday at the latest.

Also, as you prepare to get all your tailgate essentials in order tonight so you can leave work, run by home, grab the RV and get over to Bobby Dodd tomorrow night, I'll be doing some game preparations of my own. No, I won't be lifting weights with Julian Burnett to get my body game ready. And no, I won't dissecting hours of film trying to enhance my writing technique.

No, my preparation comes in giving you guys as much pre and postgame coverage as I possibly can. So in addition to new blog posts, we'll have a slew of stories up in the morning at, as well, and we'll have a ton more in the hours and days after the Clemson showdown.

So for now, to get you at least thinking about Clemson, and focused on the task at hand, I present to you, a little Wednesday linkage about those Tigers from upstate South Carolina.

ACC Leader of Irrelevance?

Before I get too far into Clemson, here's a column published just yesterday by Washington Post columnist John Feinstein, outlining what may appear to be a year the conference will regret seeing. Personally, I don't think all hope is lost on the ACC. It was, after all, just one weekend of football that was played. And, if we learned anything this weekend, it's that Florida State and Miami could be back. Monday night's game was by far one of the best of the weekend, and cast the conference in a pretty good light heading into Week 2. But enough of me. What do you think about Feinstein's argument?

Football season Boon to Clemson Econ

Here's an interesting article from the Daily Journal in Upstate South Carolina that talks about the economy of college football, particularly the impact it has on a small town like Clemson.

Just imagine what it might mean for the city of Atlanta this year. Not only is the city home to Georgia Tech -- whose fans as you well know spend most of their time dining at The Varsity (so we know The Varsity does really well this time of year) -- but it is also the host city for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff, the Chick-fil-A Bowl, and this year's GT-UGA rivalry game. While there's much more to do in Atlanta than there is in Clemson, still, the economic impact of those three games, plus any major games Tech has throughout the year, has to help the city in some capacity. Sounds like there's a story there for someone to write, lol.

Border Bash: GA, SC teams collide

Here's something Yellow Jackets and Bulldogs fans can agree on. This weekend will give both GT and UGA an opportunity to beat a pair of schools from South Carolina. Sure Jackets fans probably hope the Bulldogs lose to South Carolina, but wins for both Georgia programs would be key in helping the state prove its football dominance. Ironically, a pair of big-name South Carolina natives are playing for the Georgia teams, so it'll be interesting to see how they do. Tech LB Sedric Griffin is from the Palmetto State, as is UGA WR A.J. Green.

In this news report last night from the NBC affiliate in Augusta, I would imagine this weekend's game have a ton of meaning for those living on both sides of the state lines. What do you think? Are you pulling for fellow in-state team UGA to beat South Carolina in this weekend of border brawls? Or do you still ask about the good word?

Spiller vs. Dwyer

From's Heather Dinich's blog during last Saturday's Clemson-Middle Tennesse game. So who had the better start last Saturday? Spiller on the 96-yard opening kickoff return for TD, or Dwyer and his 74-yard TD run on the first offensive play of the game?

Cast your votes here, and if you so wish, do so on Ms. Dinich's site, as well.


OK, that's all for now. Gotta get to writing the real stuff. Will be back in a few hours with TechTalk's "Ode to No. 9" on 9.9.09. Come on back!