Bowling season set to roll into action

For most sports addicts, fall is for football, but for more than 1,000 area bowlers, it’s time to pull out the old ball and head to the lanes.

Registration at Gold Cup Bowling Center on Pio Nono Avenue is in progress for 13 scheduled leagues. Information is available at the center or by calling 781-2096. Launch dates for the leagues vary from mid-August to early September. Vacancies are available for youth (age 6-19), seniors (age 55 and up) and adults in either mixed, women’s or men’s leagues. There is also a league for merchants and a league for individuals with physical and mental difficulties.

Warner Robins has an even more varied agenda, with registration now at the Gold Cup Russell Parkway Center (922-3054). Fifteen leagues are forming, including the aforementioned categories, and a men’s doubles league. Robins Lanes (936-2112) offers eight leagues, including two additional categories -- active, dependents or retired AFRC members and a charity-based group.


The Summer Outsiders group continues to fire on all cylinders with top scores from E T Stanley (732/258 game), David Hutcherson (669/265 game), Zach Bickley (653/257 game), Cohen Bickley (637), Richard Young (623), Matt Harmon (615), Joe Beeman (609), Kevin Hayes (603), Len Jackson (601) and Colleen Dunagan (570). Summer Smoke Free highs went to Dana Harris (683/256 game) and Steve Davis (645).


Q: Has bowling ever been outlawed?

A: Yes. In 1541 King Henry VIII issued a decree outlawing all forms of bowling. He gave three reasons: the sport had become a vicious form of gambling, his soldiers were spending excessive amounts of time bowling, and bowling had become a privilege of only the wealthy.


The 35th annual Georgia State WBA Seniors tournament will be held on weekends from Oct. 24-Nov. 15 in Milledgeville. Singles and doubles will be held. The entry fee is $24 per bowler per event, and the deadline to enter is Sept. 30.

The 35th annual Georgia State USBC WBA Queens and Senior Queens tournaments will be held Feb. 27 and 28 in Milledgeville. The entry fee is $55 per bowler per event, and the deadline to enter is Feb. 5.

The 60th annual Georgia State USBC Women’s Handicap Championships will be held on weekends from March 5-20 in Snellville and Lawrenceville. Singles, doubles and team events will be held. The entry fee is $24 per bowler per event, and the deadline to enter is Jan. 15.

Macon Gold Cup

Summer Outsiders: E T Stanley 732-258, David Hutcherson 669-265, Zach Bickley 653-257; Colleen Dunagan 570-214, Leslie Strozier 547-215, Bernice Davis 517-182, Paula Clark 468.

Summer Smoke Free: Dana Harris 683-255, Steve Davis 645-233, Roger Harris 562-234; Kathy Jones 516-195, Shirley Wilday 484-190, Trudy Harris 480-182, Phyllis Renfroe 468, Lynn Abercrombie 437, Nell Gay 182.