Mount de Sales’ Miller makes quick work of Browning

Cole Miller didn’t need long to prove that talk is cheap.

The Mount de Sales grad, who had engaged in quite a verbal spat with Junie Browning leading up to tonight’s UFC Fight Night 18 event, needed just a few minutes of the first round to force Browning to tapout by guillotine choke.

After Browning tapped, Miller stayed true to his word, getting up off the mat quickly and getting in the final words.

When asked after the fight by analyst Joe Rogan what he said to Browning, Miller responded, “Who’s overrated now?”

Prior to speaking with Rogan, Miller paraded around the Octagon holding a brown belt over his head, an obvious snipe at Browning’s comments about Miller’s jiu jitsu being overrated. Miller recently earned his brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The bout started with the fighters sizing each other up. Each delivered glancing blows before going to the mat for the first time. Miller tried to hook in a submission, but the few moments spent on the mat ended in a stalemate.

After getting back to his feet, Miller hit Browning with a couple of solid punches, the last of which made Browning vulnerable for for the guillotine choke. Miller wasted no time locking it in and taking Browning to the ground, where he tapped out within seconds.