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YOUR SAY: Ellis’ open letter draws ire of reader

I was born and raised in Macon and now reside in Jacksonville, Florida. I was in town visiting my elderly father in the ICU unit at Coliseum Northside Hospital last weekend when I read former Mayor C. Jack Ellis’ open letter and his opinion about my Confederate great-great-grandfather being a traitor. That struck a nerve in me.

Reading Ellis’ letter I realized that he is nothing more than a wandering nomad going from one goat herd to the next trying to find himself. He could not find himself fighting the enemy in Vietnam. He then tried to find himself being a black man marrying a white woman, then divorcing her, could not find himself there. Ellis cannot find himself being the ex- mayor of Macon and being on the dole at the taxpayers expense and just being happy. Now he is trying to get his satisfaction ridiculing dead people, concrete statues and flags.

My ancestor joined the Georgia 22nd, fought on the front line at Antietam, where 21,000 white guys died in one day. He spent the night on the front line listening to wounded and dying souls on both sides -- then followed orders -- fought in other battles including Appomattox; was paroled at Appomattox, then walked home 650 miles to Dublin, Georgia. I can wager Ellis that God has not created a white or black man since this relative of mine lived that could do what he did. Not only did he walk home 650 miles, he pitched his tent a least two times with offspring of which I am a relative. To top it all off, my relative did not claim post traumatic stress disorder and get on the government dole as some of these cowards are doing today because they are afraid to kill a nonbeliever.

The only traitor in this whole discussion is Ellis who switched from believing in the Lord and worshipped Allah for a time until he came to his senses.

A comrade of my ancestor at Antietam told General Lee, “Sir we will fight the sons of bitches till hell freezes over, then sir, we will fight them on the ice.” This white infidel continues the fight with cowards such as C. Jack Ellis. Coward must be what the “C” in Ellis’ name means.

Ricky Camp is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida.