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A bad deal for the elderly, poor and people with disabilities

Gov. Nathan Deal and Georgia’s Republicans have decided not to fully comply with the Affordable Health Care Act; therefore, rendering some of our senior citizens, the poor and adults and children with disabilities to go without full health insurance while he and the state Legislature enjoy full health care coverage at taxpayers expense.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Health Care Act is indeed constitutional and would provide and extend Medicaid payments to some of our most vulnerable citizens, i.e., the poor, seniors and people with disabilities, he still sees fit not to act.

Gov. Deal and the Republican-led Legislature refuse to implement and provide insurance via Medicaid to Georgians who have no other means of acquiring insurance with the stated reason that it is their hope Mitt Romney will be elected president, thus repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, referred to by most Republicans as Obamacare. I prefer to call it, “Obama Cares.”

Although, the federal government would pay 100 percent of all of the cost for the first three years for its implementation with the state having to pay a mere 10 percent thereafter, at a time when we are spending over a billion dollars per year for the incarceration and the health care of inmates, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

I think it is fitting to ask the Republicans of this state to provide for the poor and disabled what we, the taxpayers, provide for them, which is adequate health care.

I plead with the members of our local legislative delegation under the leadership of Rep. Nikki Randall and consists of Rep. James Beverly and leaders in the Republican Party, Rep. Allen Peake and Sen. Cecil Staton to appeal to the governor and their colleagues in the Legislature to enact the Affordable Health Care Act immediately, even if it requires calling a special session of the Legislature. Anything less should render them not worthy of our vote and support, as many citizens of Macon and Middle Georgia are their constituents who are adversely affected by the governor’s failure to implement this landmark legislation.

Although I write this letter as the father of a disabled son, who is adversely affected by the governor’s decision, I also write on behalf of the countless, poor, elderly and disabled throughout our state who are affected in the same manner as my son.

C. Jack Ellis is a resident of Macon.