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CUMMINGS: What’s up with America?

I don’t get it.

We’ve cut funds to our military but not to illegal aliens. Medicare is running out of money but not food stamps. Not all Muslims are lunatics but all gun owners are. We vote for politicians who run up our national debt to $17.9 trillion and spend our money on things like this:

$387,000 to study the effect of Swedish massage on rabbits.

$804,254 to develop a smartphone game to encourage kids to eat right.

$856,000 to watch lions work out on treadmills.

The poor people in other countries would love to have all the things our American poor people have; yet our government wants to make us just like those other countries.

I don’t get it.

What’s up with America? Weren’t we the greatest nation on earth -- the super-power -- the country all other countries counted on for leadership? Weren’t we the country where rag-tag immigrants could become millionaires if they worked hard? Didn’t we develop the free market principle that even China is now trying to copy? When did we switch from a “hand up” to a “handout”? When did we decide to pay our people for not working?

We have three branches of government. The Congress makes the laws. The Supreme Court hears cases that challenge those laws. And the president safeguards our homeland. That’s the way our Constitution is written. But over the past six years, our Congress has done little but argue and fight with each other, and our president has written all the laws using his executive privilege. And our Supreme Court has done little to stop this hemorrhage of our Constitution.

I don’t get it.

What’s up with America? For 200 years we have welcomed legal immigrants from every nation on earth. All of us are decedents of legal immigrants. Immigration is how our country was built; surely, the laws on immigration should be the best crafted laws we have. But our immigration system is so broken that we have millions of illegals swarming all over our country using our hospitals and schools but not paying taxes, and both the Congress and the president using it as a political football. How did this get so screwed up?

I don’t get it.

Or maybe I do. Maybe all of us voting Americans know exactly what has happened to our country. We have elected “professional politicians,” men and women who spend their careers spending our money and who have no idea how to earn it. It’s our fault. Our Founding Fathers warned us about this; term limits was their idea. They wanted American businesspeople who understood our systems to spend one or two terms using their knowledge, and then return to their businesses. The idea that they would retire in that political office was unthinkable. Our founders knew what happens when men and women acquire power, and now we see what they saw.

This month, Americans shook up the whole country at the polls. We can do it again.

Dr. Bill Cummings is the CEO of Cummings Consolidated Corporation and Cummings Management Consultants. His website is www.billcummings.org.