Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who are we?

I was thinking of how our nation has gotten its priorities mixed up. Planned Parenthood takes unborn babies and sells them for parts. Yet who gets in trouble? The people who exposed them. A man pays big bucks to go to Africa and kills a lion, and he is being sent there to face criminal charges.

The Taliban and ISIS, destroy works of art in the name of religion and they are condemned. People, in the name of being politically correct, want to destroy the figures on Stone Mountain, remove statues of Civil War generals from town squares, and they are hailed for their courage. The politically correct fund abortion clinics to kill babies, yet they are the same ones who fight against the death penalty for murderers.

The Supreme Court says courthouses cannot have the 10 Commandments posted. The wall of the original courtroom has Moses and the 10 Commandments. Are we not supposed to be one nation under God?

-- Barbara Mabee

Warner Robins

Sucking sound

Ever since the first Bush presidency, America has been betrayed by our politicians from both parties. All of the “Free Trade” agreements from NAFTA in the Bush and Clinton administrations to the Central American Trade Agreement and Fast Track Trade under Obama have drained our manufacturing base and destroyed the working class. With Obama’s normalizing of relations with Cuba and Iran, he further put American jobs in jeopardy as well as our very lives. Of course the Republicans fell in behind the Obama and the Democrats and allowed this with fast track trade.

What about the oil industry that will have to compete with Iran and its state sponsored industry? Of course Iran will, in a few years after landing hundreds of billions of dollars of trade deals, break its agreement and we will know it when they do a nuclear test or worse. How will American workers compete with Cubans who don’t have the freedom to protest low wages or elect alternative candidates? The Democrats and Republicans in Washington have betrayed us and left us and our children and our children’s children with nothing.

Puerto Rico, an American territory, is bankrupt. The rest of America is on the edge of bankruptcy. Do we really think we can sustain $20 trillion in debt and keep going? The dollar has to have real value. There has to be real goods and services to back it up. The Federal Reserve keeps interest rates extremely low to keep our interest payments on this debt from exploding. The feds cannot hold it back forever.

The last two economic crises are the result of lost jobs. We can’t borrow our way to prosperity, we have to make something. We built up debt, blew up a bubble, and twice popped it. The last bubble is the government debt. Real wealth is developed by actually building or making something and selling it. We need to stop building distribution centers and, instead, build manufacturing centers. Ross Perot was right: there was a giant sucking sound. Now the sound is like a straw that is at the bottom of a nearly empty milk shake.

-- Chuck Fore



There I was reading the Opinion section as I do daily when I came across a zinger of a claim. Renee Lee claims “There have been more people killed from domestic terrorism than from wars.” That’s quite a bold statement. Perhaps a little research could have shown that we don’t live in the war zone that CNN, MSNBC, and the other media outlets want you to believe. Put down the Kool-aid.

-- Matt Renno


Not fair

I see that the Centerville City Council is going to try to do away with the over 70 tax exemption, again. In case they missed the news, that objective was soundly defeated by the voters a couple of years ago. Does the council think we have changed our minds?

We were not influenced by the mayor’s outside commentators nor his petulant statement of seniors getting something (police and fire protection) for free. Come on, taxes have been paid for years. What about people sending their children to school on our dimes? Did that ever cross his mind. I know of many families here that pay school tax and never had any children in school. Now how that fair? Fairness seemed to be an issue last election. OK, let’s be fair.

Seniors were promised this exemption when they moved in. To revoke it is not fair. Maybe a grandfather clause would get somewhere, but history tells us that the referendum was soundly defeated and will be again if it is not presented properly. Centerville is the “City of Ethics,” so it says on the sign on Watson Boulevard. To go back, arbitrarily, on promises is not ethical. Make do with what you have, we have to. Maybe it’s time the city learned to as well. If it comes to vote, it will be soundly downcast again.

-- James R. Huber


Where are the adults?

Prior to the 2014 midterm elections the Republicans stated “give us a majority in both houses of Congress and we’ll show America how to govern.” After seven months of GOP control it’s obvious that this motley crew can’t “govern” its way out of a wet paper bag. The House and Senate recently couldn’t agree on a simple highway bill. Some members insisted on adding amendments to the bill that has nothing to do with road construction. It’s a mob mentality in Congress with each member trying to advance their own agendas.

Now another government shutdown is looming over the budget for FY 2016. It’s time for the adults in the room (if there are any left) to stand up and take charge before things really get out of hand.

-- William D. Carter


Afraid of Trump

First they laughed at him. After that came the insults. Then they ridiculed and lied about him. Later came the shock he was still standing. Afterwards, they were painfully suffering his success. And now the smarter ones openly admit they were mistaken.

If you won’t admit that the political class and their friends in the media believe they can influence an election you are wrong. One need only look at how the DNC and RNC wish to govern against the will of their supporters because there is no overwhelming support or excitement over Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush except on the nightly news and in big city papers. If you have yet to see through the manipulation that passes for political journalism, I have two questions: If the powers that be are correct, and Donald Trump is such a poor choice for the presidency, why do they expend so much airtime and ink on his flawed candidacy?

Secondly, why does the media feel the need to go all unprofessional and use emotionally charged adjectives to denigrate him?

I have yet to hear a substantive and/or sincere explanation of the media’s subjective actions. Personally, I think the ruling class is afraid of him.

-- Bob Norcott


Get a brick

To my fellow Army veterans in central Georgia. You don’t need to be a soldier to have a brick. Civilians who have supported the army and the museum can also be honored. There is no finer way to honor someone for all time. Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us raise the money we need to build the National Museum of the U.S. Army. Such a Museum has long been missing from our national landscape.

Today, I invite you to honor another soldier of your choosing by purchasing a brick. Many of your fellow museum founding sponsors have already purchased multiple bricks.

Thanks in advance for purchasing a Commemorative Brick, which will forever stand as a testament to your support of the U.S. Army and recognizing a special Army veteran and/or family at the National Museum of the United States Army.

As one of many proud museum founding sponsors I strongly request all of your support to raise the money to help and built the National Museum of the U.S. Army.

-- Lamar Pounds

CSM, US Army (ret.)


Close the loophole

I am writing to encourage my congressmen to close the retirement advice loophole. This loophole is costing some seniors up to 25 percent of their retirement savings. Our representatives must make sure that our senior Americans are protected in retirement. Please close this loophole.

-- Brenda Mushlitz


Some charity

For decades it has been stated that all too many top charitable and for-profit organizations have been shown to be retaining a large percentage of their donations for personal gain. It has been noted that as little as 25 percent is used for the purpose collected for. Today I was informed of one group that receives donations of locks of hair free and turns around and sells it for as much as a $1.000.

The trauma of cancer is devastating enough, let alone to find out very sick humans are profiting from their illness.

-- Joe Hubbard


A better country?

I appreciate Walker Smith’s very well thought out and written rebuttal to my letter about American Civil War POW camps. While I’d love to carry on the debate, I don’t have the time and have already penned too many letters to this page this month. But, I do want to make two quick points. (1) No Northern POW camp was as bad as Andersonville, but the main reason some may have come close is in retaliation for Andersonville. During World War II, Americans in German POW camps were, for the most part, treated humanely because of American threats to retaliate if they were mistreated. (2) I absolutely agree with Walker’s assertion that secession was not illegal. Lincoln was wrong to spend the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans to prevent the South from leaving a union that it had voluntarily joined and had every right to leave. Some say the United States would be a better country today had the South been allowed to leave the union.

-- Jim Sandefur



I understand the ratings for Caitlyn (aka Bruce) Jenner’s show “I Am Cait” dropped by 50 percent after the first show. I’m not sure which I find more puzzling: that Bruce thought a sex change operation could sustain a TV series or that 50 percent of the viewers didn’t anticipate that they would be so bored.

-- Neal Snyder

Warner Robins

Deo Vindice

In the wake of recent and unwarranted attempts to completely eradicate our noble and precious Southern Heritage, I held my peace -- at least out of the range of the scurrilous media -- and have but few words now.

Psalm 126: “When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

Stand strong, my Southern brothers and sisters. Hold your heads high and weather the storm of this assault. Our beloved ancestors faced far worse so there is no excuse for us to feebly wish for a free pass. Diplomats, pacifists and cowards will not be needed.

Clearly, all the great swelling words about tolerance, civil rights and equality were blatant lies. Yet, our quarrel has never been with the man of black skin but rather the one in the blue suit and his ever encroaching, rights-crushing, immoral government. Neither honesty nor integrity lies among “those people” who oppose us. Some of us may not live to see it, but Deo Vindice -- God Will Vindicate.

-- John Wayne Dobson


Conspiracy No. 1

You may have heard that the FBI head, Loretta Lynch, is looking at possible criminal violations by Hillary Clinton. Don’t hold your breath. Lynch does nothing without an order from the her leader, President Obama.

So why the news?

First, notice that there is no criminal investigation into the Planned Parenthood’s criminal act of selling body parts, including whole babies, because Obama does not care about morality.

Second, the Democrats are running scared that they will lose the election, the highest prize and they need to stop the Republicans in Congress, because Democrats know they cannot control Congress for the next few years. So, Obama has come to save the day by destroying Hillary Clinton, but only politically, and setting the stage for a savior, Joe Biden, the puppet vice president.

And, don’t expect anything to come of the Lynch’s investigation. Once Hillary is out of the running, the investigation turns into vapor.

-- Charles Sanferrare