Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exceptional work

I haven’t had time to find out the purpose of digging up Macon’s downtown streets or who is responsible. After days of dodging massive steel plate covers, I see that the holes have now been repaired. The results are exceptionally good and set a high benchmark for others engaged in similar work. I offer my congratulations for a job well done.

-- Eugene Dunwody


Pay what they are worth

During the past 20 years or so, we have seen Congress surreptitiously raise their salaries and exempt themselves from laws that apply to everyone else. Our representatives are supposed to be representing/working for us -- not the federal government. But being on the federal government’s payroll, their allegiance appears to be to the federal bureaucracy first. If our representatives were paid by their constituencies/states, we would most likely receive true, or truer, representation. Being paid for what they are worth would, undoubtedly, result in better representation by each congressional representative. At the very least, it would eliminate “midnight” pay increases, exemption from federal laws and exorbitant retirement packages.

-- Jack H. Steed

Warner Robins

Senseless violence

I hope that our next president declares a national emergency because of all the senseless gun violence. Many people came out and spoke passionately against the noise from the firecrackers, but the same passion is needed because of the senseless gun violence. There is a war going on between law-abiding Americans and irrational people with guns.

It is laws like the safe carry gun law that was approved by the Georgia General Assembly without having stricter background checks enforced and databases to keep the guns out of the hands of people with documented histories of violence like domestic violence that has helped to place the guns in the wrong hands. The database needs to be a part of the national emergency plan.

There have been more people killed from domestic terrorism than from wars. It is not fair for law-abiding Americans and their families to not be protected with better laws. The children cannot protect themselves and carry a weapon and they do not stand a chance against an armed adult.

The military like the Marines, the National Guard, the Army and the Air Force are needed to help provide better security for American people.|There should be armed and trained security personnel with metal detectors at movie theaters guarding all the doors or people should stop patronizing their businesses. There was a theater full of children next door to the theater where the shooting occurred in Louisiana.

-- Renee Lee


Betrayed again

Did you know that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., are two of the few true representatives that we have in American politics today? These two honorable men have kept their word and done what we, their constituents wanted, resulting in a lashing by party leadership: House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. This makes me wonder if there is any difference between Democrats who want socialism (larger government, welfare increases, programs for all) and our elected Republicans who supposedly support smaller government, constitutional adherence, lower debt, support small business?

These are the same Republicans who campaigned on: “Elect me and I will: repeal Obama­care; reduce the crippling debt; stop pork spending; pass annual budget.” So, what do we do? We elect them, they turn on us and vote for the very things they campaigned against. So, fellow American voters I ask you: are Republicans and Democrats any different? Some call them weasels; corrupted officials; Rhinos/Dinos; or inwardly focused. We have been betrayed by many elected in the House and Senate except Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Mark Meadows and perhaps a few others.

-- Jacquelyn Wilson

Whispering Pines, North Carolina

Vote for Larry III

For about 30 years, Janice and Larry Walker lived next door to us on Northside Road in Perry. We had two girls and one boy and they had three boys and one girl. Our children were constantly in each other’s yards and houses playing with each other and learning about each other. Each family got to know all of the members of the other family and we all became good friends.

Larry III, now a candidate for the state House, is the oldest of the Walker children. He learned to work at an early age. His grandfather, Cohen Walker, took him to his farm machinery dealership and let him pick up nuts and bolts and sweep up the tractor place. I believe that he was about eight years of age. He moved up the “work ladder” and ended up assembling farm equipment for his grandfather and his grandfather’s partner, Foster Rhodes.

We remember Larry when he was at the University of Georgia. He was an outstanding student and helped to work his way through college. He loaded freight at night for Carolina Freight during part of the time he was in Athens.

We were proud when Larry graduated from Georgia and went to work for the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. We were even more proud when Larry came back to Perry and started Walker Insurance Agency, which has been a very large success.

Larry’s father ably represented our district for many years and helped to bring numerous benefits to our area, including the Ag Center and the Technical College. Larry III grew up understanding the responsibility of service and has the intellect and work ethic for effective leadership.

Help us elect Larry to the state House. He will work for you. He will make you proud that you cast your lot with him in this Special Election.

-- Stewart and Marti Bloodworth