Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, August 2, 2015

Replace everybody

It amazes me that people in our Macon-Bibb County community and our government continue to turn a blind eye to the number of people leaving for other counties. No one will admit that we get little new industry compared with surrounding areas. No one will admit that our public school system is in shambles. Those who vote keep electing the same types of people to the Bibb County Board of Education. Every member of the previous board should be held personally accountable for the mess their superintendent made and what he cost this community. Every member of the now defunct Bibb County Commission needs to be held personally accountable for the mess they left.

Our roads are in terrible shape. The landfill continues to be cited and fined. The list goes on. Until the voters realize it’s past time to get every member of the current administration out, top to bottom, and a new one in place that is not focused on race but on the community as a whole, Macon-Bibb will continue to implode. Will the last taxpayer turn out the lights when leaving?

-- Anne Brennaman


Wishful thinking

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is toast. She will drop out. Two federal agency inspector generals have called for a criminal investigation of Clinton for unauthorized use of private email accounts to send classified data. Of 40 emails examined, four appear to be of “secret” classification. You or I (as a former Department of Defense employee) would be learning how to spell Leavenworth -- as in prison -- for doing what she has admittedly done. Nobody trusts Hillary anymore.

Additionally, national polls show her losing in Iowa to any of three Republican candidates, Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Gov. Scott Walker. Democratic operatives are in full panic mode. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. Martin O’Malley are laughable candidates with zero chance of residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Look for Uncle Joe Biden, Al Gore and the hapless John Kerry (by the way, did you know he served in Vietnam?) to resuscitate their presidential hopes. Good luck with that, Democrats.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins


I’d like to congratulate someone I don’t even know. After watching her navigate the entire stretch of Riverside Drive, stopping at every stop light, then heading up U.S. 23 in her black SUV, while hardly glancing at the road because she was texting the entire time, I think public accolades are in order.

-- Fred Brown


Natural law

The resent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is an infringement on our religious freedom and challenges natural law -- God’s law. The following is taken from the encyclopedia, law, morality and natural law, which I agree entirely.

(1) How far and in what sense should the law of a community seek to give effect to its morality?

(2) Is there a moral duty to obey the law even when it does not embody morality, and if so, are there limits to this duty?

(3) When a legal rule directs conduct that morality forbids, which should the citizen obey?

(4) Is there ever (and if so, when is there) a duty to overthrow an entire legal system because of its conflict with morality?

Mortal men should not legislate any laws that are contrary to your teaching as per God. Please help pass legislation to protect our rights as Christians.

-- Daniel E. Lee


House District 146 election

On August 11, we the voters of House District 146 will get the opportunity to select our next state representative. Both candidates are friends of mine, and both will play a prominent role in the future of Houston County for decades to come. However, we can only elect one candidate, and I believe that candidate ought to be Shaw Blackmon.

Shaw grew up here and was educated in our public school system. He understands and reflects the values of those of us who live in Houston County -- conservatives who want limited government, a strong educational system and low taxes. He has spent the last decade preparing for this opportunity. Besides running a successful business, he has championed for economic growth through his work with the Houston County Development Authority. As the vice chairman of the Technical College System of Georgia, he has worked tirelessly to improve our state’s workforce. He’s also been actively engaged in protecting and advocating for Robins Air Force Base, the economic engine of our community. As a former commander at Robins and during my tenure with the 21st Century Partnership, I saw his passion for the base firsthand.

Bottom line: there are two good candidates, but only one best-qualified -- Shaw Blackmon. On Aug. 11, most importantly please vote. If you are still undecided, I’d recommend Shaw Blackmon as the best choice to represent District 146.

-- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Bob McMahon

Warner Robins


Jim Sandefur’s statement, “Andersonville was a hell hole that had no counterpart in the North” is inaccurate. Elmira Prison in New York was the northern counterpart to Andersonville. Dubbed ‘Hellmira” it was a death camp and had approximately the same death rate as A’ville. (Google it.)

-- Cash Stanley


Give him a chance

I read Michael Collins’ letter in Sunday’s paper and disagree on several points. We have no idea what Ed Tucker’s qualifications are. We have no say in the matter. I have spent most of my life in government and politics and never once, in the many cities where I have lived, have I heard of the mayor asking citizens who they wanted for chief of police.

As for the building being wrecked, I’d ask Collins if he was at any of the meetings where the bids were taken? If not, then he has nothing to say. If he was there and was outbid, sorry about that, that’s business.

I say that we give Chief Tucker a chance. We take chances with him as a teacher, and isn’t that a matter of trust higher than anything? He has been responsible for our children for many years. He also is a senior non-commissioned officer in the Army. Now trust that, Mr. Collins.

-- James Huber


A new flag?

I think it would be very appropriate to add reliefs of Lincoln, Grant and Sherman to the Stone Mountain Memorial. This would change it from a Southern memorial to a memorial of the Civil War. Admittedly, I’m not sure there’s enough room on the mountain for that, but it’s something that could be looked at. In addition, I feel the general public, especially those individuals and organizations that find the current relief offensive, should offer to bear the cost. I would also like to mention that my great-grandfather was a Confederate soldier and is buried at Stone Mountain Cemetery. He served the entire war and was at Vicksburg and Atlanta and other battles. He was a farmer and had no slaves just as most common soldiers did not have slaves. I think they were fine, honorable men for the most part, just as our soldiers are today. It was the 1 percent who ran things back then, just as they do today.

In the future we also may have to explain many of our actions in numerous places around the globe. So if we’re going to take down statues of heroic men and deeds, take all of them down, everywhere. Let us stop glorifying war. And one last thing that needs to be pointed out to our Yankee friends. Slavery goes all the way back to the founding of this country. Many of our Founding Fathers had slaves. The Yankees had slaves. The Yankees mistreated their slaves. The Yankees raped their slaves. So those who think the Confederate flag is offensive should also believe the American flag is offensive. Maybe we just need a new flag to represent the new America, one we can all admire.

-- James Moore