Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, July 24, 2015

New Age Lord’s Prayer

In light of the recent incident at the Wal-Mart store in Macon and the fact that one youth was caught because he returned to get his cellphone, I assured myself that I am right to believe that our youth have a new god: the iPhone or any cellphone that answers to the charge. Since the one true God is not in many of their lives, they replace him with technology. I decided to create a New Age version of our Lord’s Prayer that I feel hits the nail on the head.

The Lord’s Prayer in the New Age

Our iPhone who art in Technoheaven

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done on Earth

As it is surely not done in Heaven

Give us this day our daily text


And forgive us when we err

in our texting,

As we forgive those that err

in theirs against us.

And lead us not into the temptation

to drive and text,

But deliver us from technological


For thine, iPhone, is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.


-- Stephen F. Beaty

Warner Robins

Transition planning

The purpose of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is to ensure that free and appropriate education is awarded to those with disabilities as well as those without. The law is also designed to further their education and transition them to promote successful post school employment or education. Transitioning for children with disabilities is vital to their academic success and future employment.

As an educator, I have attended numerous IEP meetings and individual education plans. These meetings often address the future plans for the child with disabilities. Typically, children with disabilities begin to transition around the age of 14. While the law outlines the responsibilities of service providers, policies and regulations of agencies, alternative strategies must be in place.

Students with disabilities should be exposed to “real life” experiences and “real life” scenarios that exist. For instance, a child with disabilities should be given measurable goals that they can achieve concerning their future endeavors. If that child intends to attend an area college, they should be taken to a local college to become familiar with the surroundings and the goings-on of that environment. If a child with a disability is venturing into the work force, they should be introduced to a local company that participates in the transition services to equip the child with the skills needed to be successful in life. Exposure to the real world for a child with a disability is vital.

-- Tolisa Cannon



In December 2014 there was a sign on Thomaston Road indicating that we would be able to use the round-a-bout-rope-a-dope in January. In January there was a sign indicating that we would be able to use the round-a-bout in February. In February there was a sign indicating that we would be able to use the round-a-bout-rope-a-dope in March. Well, in March we were able to use the round-a-bout-rope-a-dope and we were very happy. Of course, they aren’t finished as yet, but if they had put up a traffic light it would have been finished 18 months ago at much less cost.

Now let us consider payback, I estimate a savings of a $12,000 a year for electricity. At that savings we would see payback in 415 years. Let me ask, is that good stewardship of the use of our tax money?

-- Ronald Fouse


‘Low-brow humor’

The article on the front page of Monday’s newspaper was a waste of ink. The bad deal with Iran should have been on the front page. There were digs at Trump’s appearance, weight and aroma. His message of illegal immigrants committing crimes has been backed up by statistics. He wants a more prosperous America. Who doesn’t? David Letterman built his career with nothing more than a desire to make fun of others. He has nothing to offer.

Anyone who dismisses a candidate should do so based on facts, not personal slanders. Donald Trump may not be the next president, but to stoop to this yellow journalism isn’t news, it isn’t informative, and it’s preposterous on its face.

Such articles will lead The Telegraph into irrelevancy. Why buy a newspaper that simply panders to a political hack? If you, the editorial staff print such tripe as Letterman’s low-brow humor on the front page of all places, you are revealing a lack of understanding the dire peril this country faces -- $18 trillion debt, deficit spending, Obamacare fiasco, Russian and Chinese expansion, nuclear Iran, terrorism and a woeful lack of leadership by the current administration are just about to condemn this country to annihilation or subjugation.

Speech ought not to be censored, and the only antidote is more speech. I think the Letterman article should be relegated to where this will go if printed, the opinion page.

-- Anthony Smith


‘Poor woman’

My name is “Poor Woman.” I am a citizen of Macon. I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. I have paid my dues, but I find you have surely failed in conducting social services to the elderly and poor. You hope we would just go away or disappear. Maybe you are trying to starve us to death by not providing adequate amounts of resources for us.

I want you to know we are of value and have been for a long time. Can you live on this one meal for one month? Of course, what goes around comes around and I may not live to see some of these corrupt legislators fall, but it will happen. I wonder if it was their mother, would they give her $16 and send her on her way to live for a month. I seriously doubt it.

Getting to the point, surely, someone in this agency is not a coward and would speak to a poor old woman. I am currently holding to speak with someone at Compass, and I have been holding for 45 minutes and counting. Just maybe someone will pick up the phone because I am not hanging up.

-- Dorothy Henderson