Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Looking to innovate

In his letter (Where learning starts, Friday, 3 July) Esiquio Hernandez writes that “Parents are expected to insure that their son or daughter spends time practicing the material taught at school.” Unfortunately, there are adults in many households who cannot or will not do this. If we accept Hernandez’s model then we accept an ever-growing population of under-educated people. This will increase unemployment and expand the income gap.

Some schools in the U.S. manage to educate children despite the shortcomings of parental supervision. What are successful schools doing? Why cannot more schools adopt their practices? We must implement an innovative model for education that reduces the population of people who are so poorly educated that they are unable to retain good paying jobs.

-- Charles J.W. Mason


Stop it

I have noticed lately several automobiles in public parking areas, mostly in front of grocery stores, that are left with the motor running so the air conditioner could be left running. Thinking there is someone in the car so they could run in for just a few items and would be right out and on their way. Recently, I was parked next to a large SUV. The windows were tinted very dark so I couldn’t see inside, but I did see a young woman come out and slide the side door back. That’s when I saw a small child sitting in its car seat. What would these people do if suddenly the car shut off and they were in the grocery store longer than intended?

This is a dangerous thing to be doing. It has been entirely too hot to be doing this. Please, young mothers out there: Stop it. It could be very dangerous to your child in more ways than one. Have you even thought that someone could be watching and hijack your car not even knowing there is a baby in the backseat? A lot of bad and evil things are happening all around us. Be responsible. God has given you a gift, a loving child. Don’t be careless.

-- Scottie Lamb


Don’t go too far

We can ban the battle flag, move the statues, burn the bridges, re-carve Stone Mountain, put the paintings in a museum and change the history books. But when I can nevermore see Daisy Dukes on my wide­screen, 55-inch, high-definition TV -- son, that’s going too far. Some things are just sacrosanct.

-- Don Hall



It seems like the Macon-Bibb County landfill keeps doing the same things over and over and getting the same results: failure to pass state inspections. Isn’t it about time to make some changes in the landfill management? If incompetent management of the landfill doesn’t change, doesn’t it stand to reason that inspection results won’t change either?

-- Jerry Norris

Warner Robins


Middle school teacher becomes police chief. Seriously, who thought that one up? This is a joke, right? Heck, I taught college, maybe I can get appointed to head the FBI.

-- Max Garten

Warner Robins