Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, June 4, 2015

Different body types

As new research has pointed out, it is not all about calories in, equal calories out, in all instances. Albeit usually that’s the case. If it were the golden rule my granddaughter who is 5 feet 8 and weighs 106 pounds and can eat as much as two grown men would not be able to go through a door. I follow a mostly healthy diet with small portions and can hardly get through said door.

Being 71 years old and well over 200 pounds I have always had a severe weight problem. My labs are perfect I attribute it to severely limiting sugar and a healthy diet. My mom always cooked good meals for the family and we were not allowed between meal snacks. I did not acquire a taste for them. When we got sweets they were homemade. These things to me are a treat even now.

The only medication I take is for high blood pressure, one pill a day, but plenty of my thin friends do the same. I also have a type of arthritis not caused by obesity but from genetics. Three times a week I go to a local wellness center and do arthritis water aerobics. I consider myself blessed that I do not have other health problems.

I have seen kids who eat healthy and play outside and are chunky. I also have seen kids who only eat chicken nuggets and stay inside playing video games who are very thin. True, there are those who do eat unwisely and sit overly much and have health problems but who is to say it is caused only by obesity?

There are a lot of thin people who have heart problems, diabetes and other conditions usually attributed to obesity.

We definitely need more research into this.

-- Carole Propst


Not a Kelly fan

The thought of Kelly Burke running for Larry O’Neal’s seat in our state House of Representatives almost makes me ill. This guy doesn’t care about our roads and bridges and whether they are safe or not. He thinks our latest state budget is a rip-off. That we shouldn’t raise the state tax on gasoline to maintain our bridges and roads.

Burke does not believe we should have mandatory gun safety training or even firearm licenses. Anyone should be able to buy a firearm anywhere without any proof. Kelly is a libertarian whose philosophy is, “I’ve got mine, the hell with you. He doesn’t like any form of government. Anarchy is their ultimate goal and the so-called Fair Tax at a rate of 30 percent for everyone. But you cannot get water out of a stone.

Fairness will not be in Kelly’s platform. He cares only for the rich and open-carry types everywhere -- even in your operating rooms. The mentally ill and drugs addicts are OK to buy guns with Kelly. Just stay at home if he wins, it will be safer.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Not right for the job?

Every once in a while a public servant has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. This would seem to be the case with the chief of security at the Houston County Courthouse. I was astounded to learn in The Telegraph that this individual has apparently unilaterally decided to ban all personal electronic devices from the courthouse.

Can you say, “It’s 2015? What is he thinking? Cellphones, tablets, along with personal listening devices such as iPods are practically appendages for some people and indispensable business tools for others. A complete ban on such devices in the courthouse is incomprehensible and silly. If the chief of security cannot figure out a way to enforce proper use of such devices in the courthouse, then perhaps he is not the right person for the job.

To further enhance the courthouse customer experience, wouldn’t free wi-fi greatly enhance the endless hours of waiting in the tag line, waiting in the jury pool line, and waiting in the tag office line? What a wonderful thing technology is. We’ve just got to get the right people in place to make it happen.

-- Jerry Norris

Warner Robins

The sheriff rescinded the courthouse ban on devices Tuesday.

-- Editors

Entertainment by Gadbois

Once again Frank Gadbois is hungering to get his name in the paper. This time he attacks Mike Ganas for believing in the Constitution. But the problem is that Gadbois forgets the First Amendment. But that is only for him, we can now see (his words, not mine). Say what you want, but make sure it agrees with me, is that the way you think, Gadbois? That’s what it seems you think. But then, we, uneducated, uninformed, lowlifes cannot possibly imagine the knowledge and experience gained from your years as a librarian. One would think, with all of those years spent in the library, you would have read the entire Constitution. But, we guess not. What a shame. But you do not have a platform to be pedantic and self-serving attention craving and omniscient.

Thank you Frank, every time we read one of your whines, it makes us happy to have the friends and family that we do. Exercise your First Amendment rights all you want. After all the comic papers are getting thin on Sunday, your supplements provide entertainment.

-- James Huber


Federal rule praised

I was overjoyed to read in Mary Clare Jalonick’s article “New federal rules on stream protection” that the Clean Water Rule was recently finalized. Having lived in Georgia for the past 15 years, I have long valued visits to the Flint and Oconee rivers. I am also a living, breathing human being, and therefore enjoy access to clean, safe drinking water. This rule is a magnificent victory for Georgia’s waters. It ensures the protection of drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans, as well as nearly 40,000 miles of Georgia’s streams. Decades of ambiguity concerning the 1972 Clean Water Act have endangered the health of our water systems; prior to this rule, 57 percent of Georgia’s streams were vulnerable to being paved over or polluted with who-knows-what kind of industrial waste. The streams covered by the rule feed into or impact rivers like the Flint River and others.

Contrary to the talking points of polluters, most ditches and similar water-bodies will not be regulated by the new change. (No, the water in your birdbath will not be regulated.) Let’s also remember that the existing exemptions for agriculture will remain. The goal of the Clean Water Rule is to more effectively ensure clean water for agriculture, wildlife habitats and ever-thirsty Americans. We should all thank the EPA and President Obama for this landmark decision to protect our rivers and streams and continue to fight for the clean water that is so fundamental to our economy, environment and health.

-- Christopher Kennedy



I am wondering if Caitlyn (AKA) Bruce, Jenner, has to get a new birth certificate, a new drivers license and a new Social Security card after his/her transformation. Just sayin’.

-- Darlis Whitworth