Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Candy bar

I see, in today’s Sun News, that the library in Perry is a success. It is lauded as a fine place by all who attended. Does it surprise anyone that Frank Gadbois doesn’t like it? Has he ever liked anything?

He reminds me so much of the old saying: “You can give some people a million dollars and a candy bar, and they will complain about the candy bar.”

-- James Huber


Different experience

I read the article about giving Vietnam vets an overdue homecoming and couldn’t agree more that this would be good. However, I do not agree with what the letter writer said about returning to the U.S. and having to wear civilian clothes and being spit on and people coming up in your face. I returned from Vietnam in March 1970. We landed in Oakland, California on a chartered civilian aircraft. I processed out of the Army and was issued a green dress army uniform with my unit insignias and rank on it. We were transported by bus to the airport in San Francisco with everyone in uniform and no one said anything out of the way to us. I flew to Atlanta on Delta Airlines where my mother and father met me. I walked through the Atlanta airport in uniform and again nothing was said to me. Maybe the letter writer came into the country at a different location than I did, but most everyone came through Oakland.

-- W.W. Reid

Georgia State Patrol (retired)


Needing an overhaul

In an age of cellphones and computers galore, I am puzzled by the antiques managing the election process.

Upon entering the election station I am required to produce some type of proof of who I am. A form from the dark ages (form VC-C&M-12) specifies six options here including “VALID TRIBAL ID CARD WITH PHOTO.” Then I am required to fill out the following trivia: (1) Print current name, (2) Current residence address of elector (3) Signature (4) Elector’s date of birth.

Once a voter has filled out this trivia the poll officer may allow another poll official (sitting behind a computer) to issue one of those newfangled things you have to stick into a machine to vote.

Being retired military, I flashed my ID card, but that wouldn’t do; Georgia drivers license needed. But I “registered” to vote in this county almost 40 years ago. That doesn’t count. The current system need an overhaul.

-- Ken Brown