Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stay in your lane

I read Jerry Miller’s article about the “slowpoke” law. He appears to not fully understand the full intent of this law. First of all, Georgia has always posted signs for slower drivers to move to the right lane. Also, you can legally drive up to 10 miles over the speed limit on interstate and major highways without receiving a ticket. As for making a left turn or exit, then Miller should keep up the speed until ready to get in the left turn lane or make the exit, then slow his speed down appropriately.

Traveling down Interstate 75 every day as I do, I usually get in the third lane, set my cruise at 79 mph, and continue on. If another driver is gaining on me, I move over to the middle lane to let that driver pass, then resume my travel in the third lane.

I don’t know what’s so hard for Miller to understand if he wants to drive the “legal” speed limit, then stay in the far right lane.

-- Furney Mishoe


Help the Perry library

Former Houston County librarian Judy Golden’s letter asks county citizens for financial support to purchase items for the interior of the newly renovated Perry library that has just reopened. I believe the county friends of the library group should purchase these items with some of their book fair earnings.

As a retired professional librarian, it is my opinion based on observations of the materials collections, fiction and non-fiction books and the magazine and newspaper collections that they need funding to bring them up to a higher standard. Too many of the books are too old and worn out. There are not enough magazines or national newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, etc. Patrons prefer new books.

I have gone before our county commissioners to tell them the above and they replied that the book budget was adequate. I have spoken to the county librarian. It would be beneficial for the library board members to visit our libraries and actually see what I am complaining about. I would be the best choice -- not the library staff -- to volunteer to show them around. I eagerly await their visits.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Low-hanging wire

Imagine leaving your house and seeing a wire stretched across the road at car windshield height and a car coming straight toward it. I got to the wire and held it up for several cars to pass. My wife got in touch with Cox Cable. After she explained that I was holding the wire up for passing cars, their comment was that they would have someone out within two hours.

After holding the wire a few minutes longer for several more vehicles, one turned around and came back (an employee of Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance and a former Marine). He pulled his truck up a small hill to the pole and taped the wire to the pole. Thanks to him, I am not still standing in the road holding the wire. Luckily, the wire was seen in time or a motorcyclist possibly could have been decapitated.

We are still waiting for Cox Cable after five hours. Thanks to the Marine, wrecks were avoided and everyone has cable service.

-- Bobby W. Chastain


Eternally secure?

Why do people commit terrible crimes and try to hide the evidence? They are deceived into thinking they will get away with it. Surrounded and inundated by a deceitful world, we forget that God is omniscient. We live in a world of deceit. The hearts of all men are deceitful, saving the godly. So deception is all around. We see it in the political realm and it comes to us from television and the media. The educational department is included. Deception has entered the religious world.

There are many false religions. But we would think Christianity is pure. The Christian church is pure. But, many who espouse its doctrines have also been touched by a deceitful spirit. An eternal security teaching is dangerous in two ways. First, it tends to give the attitude to continue on in sin. Since they cannot lose their salvation, they are “eternally secure,” it doesn’t matter if they sin. Another thing about the “once saved, always saved” teaching is the believer tends to be lax in their devotions, prayer and Bible reading. Why should they stay on their knees for hours, or feed on God’s word, when they are eternally secure?

A Christian will remain eternally secure in the father’s hand, as long as they “follow him,” as the scripture teaches in John 10:27. If they do not follow him daily, they will wander from the fold and be lost. They may come home like the prodigal son and be reunited with the father. But, if not, they will be deceived.

-- Dwight Poole


No prayer

Crawford County jail is really a disgrace. It has been more than 100 days since anyone has preached at the jail. The jail is only built to hold 22 people and they don’t do prayer call before they go to bed at night or anything. Are the ministers in Middle Georgia on vacation? Everyone deserves to practice their religious beliefs, whether they’re in jail or not. Why won’t Sheriff Lewis Walker call a minister on the jail’s behalf?

-- Quinton Johnson


Big city

My mother recently had hip replacement surgery at a Macon hospital. She chose to transfer to Monroe County Hospital swing bed unit for her recovery and occupational rehabilitation physical therapy. Being a registered nurse myself, and the fact that it was my mother, I tried to be critical and to critique Monroe County Hospital.

What I found was exceptional care and treatment, fabulous food (she gained a much needed 10 pounds) and a physical and occupational therapy team that is the best I have ever seen.

Go to a large city and large hospital for care, treatment and rehabilitation? Why?

-- Leigh Howard Dover