Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tip of the hat

Congratulations to the Macon community for the new Tubman Museum, especially to Richard Keil for his inspired vision more than 30 years ago.

-- David B. Conner


Mind blowing

Louis Kitchens’ comment on Allen Peake was totally mind-blowing. Anyone that far removed from reality should have their voting privileges revoked.

-- Frank Shearin


No more Dewey?

In response to Judy Golden’s letter of May 17, I certainly agree that reading is important, especially for young children, Golden wrote about the new Perry library. The reality is that very few people read a good book anymore, especially younger people. All the technology around us has changed the reading habits of many library patrons. Libraries are not for books anymore, it’s all about these computers. They are everywhere. Reading a good book has become almost obsolete.

I read a recent magazine article that stated that professional storytellers are becoming a thing of the past. Even very young children have their own laptop. I’m old school; I miss the good, old-fashioned libraries of long ago. They were quiet, peaceful and restful places. There were rows and rows of books everywhere. Go into any library today and all one sees are rows of computers with people fiercely clicking away, the book shelves are almost bare.

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It enriches our lives in many ways, but it has a definite down side: Public libraries are not the same anymore.

-- Aaron McIntosh

Warner Robins

Four more years?

“We the People” had to put up with Bill and Hillary Clinton for eight years in the White House and that was enough. We don’t need four more years.

-- Mark Rhodes