Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Saturday, May 16, 2015

Immigrant opportunity

I noticed in May 9t Telegraph an illegal, a native citizen of the Philippines, whose family brought him to the U.S. at the age of one, raised and educated in our schools, received a full scholarship from Mercer and after graduation will begin working at Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Atlanta, helping immigrants. He said helping immigrants navigate our complicated immigration system, lobbying at the Georgia state Capitol and helping Asian-Americans go out and vote and realize their civic potential.

Question, if he was illegal at the age of one when his parents entered the U.S., were his parents illegals? If not why was he? If his parents were illegal, how did they work illegally in the U.S. for all these years? Yes Raymond Partoian was right, our immigration system is not only complicated, it is not just, fair and very racially biased. However, it is not his fault nor his parents. I understand he was smart and studied hard in school making good grades and a Mercer Professor said Partoian should be bitter but he is not.

Well professor, we have an unjust education systems that degrades citizens and they should be bitter at the illegal student, however they are not. They are bitter for the biased treatment they receive from their country. Example, my granddaughter from a long line of U.S. citizens, with an higher IQ than norm, took advance classes in high school, graduated with honors, wanted to go to college and major in forensic science, graduate, and help people regardless if they are immigrants, citizens, red, yellow, black, white, poor or rich. She also lives in the middle of a host of universities, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke and Wake Forest, however she did not receive a scholarship and her father did not have enough borrowing power to pay tuition for her desired four colleges and she now travels three hours from home to a small college for which her father had to borrow money for tuition.

My granddaughter is a U.S. citizens and can vote, so do you suppose our U.S. government already knows this, therefore works on gaining future illegal votes that explains why we have a complicated immigration system that Partoian acknowledged, for it seems immigrants’ potential in the U.S. is far greater than those of U.S. citizens. Ask the legal citizens in Baltimore.

-- Faye W. Tanner


Did the granddaughter apply to Mercer?

-- Editor

Didn’t attend?

President Obama sent three administration officials to mourn for career criminal Freddie Gray at his funeral in Baltimore and three officials to “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown’s funeral, but not a single soul to the funeral for slain (in the line of duty) NYPD Officer Brian Moore this week. Obama and Eric “My people” Holder have created a privileged subset of inner-city citizens. These folks are just not subject to the same laws as old white people or young Asian people, and we need to get over it. That’s why they have also let loose the federal justice department’s social justice warriors to punish 120 police agencies, including the police departments in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri for enforcing laws against the wrong people. Police officers and the rest of us will soon be taught to cheer federal intervention in local police departments just as we have been forced to salute gay marriage, gender confusion, late-term abortions, and any other deviance our moral superiors unleash on us in the Age of Obama. 21 months to go.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

According to The New York Times, Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, visited the funeral home along with Gov. Mario Cuomo during the wake for Officer Moore and spoke about the risks inherent in police work: “Every day our law enforcement puts their lives on the line for public safety. It’s important, in my view, that people in government, people in Washington, come out and pay our respects.”

-- Editors

Flat tax

For those who have expressed an interest in my presidential campaign, I propose the following revision to the federal income tax: above a yet-to-be-determined floor, everyone will be taxed at a flat 15 percent of income. The only deductions/exemptions allowed will be for legitimate children and contraceptives.

-- Neal Snyder

Warner Robins

Government done right?

Steve Barker’s recent letter on too much government is a Libertarian rant but not based on the historic facts. Following examples of the successes of the federal government: the FDIC, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Amtrak, FAA, TSA, FBI, CIA, TVA, U.S. Postal Service, Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac, VA, FEMA and the Federal Reserve, ACA, DOD, GI Bill, student loans, etc.

Our state budget is made up of 54.5 percent state taxes and 45.5 percent federal funds. Our state transportation budget receives 60 percent of its budget from the federal government. Most state governments depend on federal funding for most of their services like transportation, health care, police, etc. Most state pension systems are bankrupt.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Driver’s ed

There’s more auto wrecks than ever before. That may be due to more vehicles on the road, electronic or other distractions, or just plain ignorance of driving laws. When shopping recently, I passed two sales clerks chatting and over heard one say “my uncle taught me to drive, and he didn’t tell me I had to stop at a stop sign.” I think that uncle must be teaching others.

It should be mandatory for everyone seeking driver’s licenses to read English, pass a driver’s ed class in which they learn to stop or yield, maintain lane between designated lines -- not tires on or over the line, dim lights at night (automakers make it simple), lights on when foggy or raining, pass only when there’s a dotted line and no oncoming traffic -- and above all be a defensive and courteous driver. Just a few things that we’ve encountered recently. Unfortunately the ones needing to read it won’t. Some are taking the absurd newly passed law of “keeping to the right” to road-rage level. It’s not always possible to move over immediately if there are several big rigs in right lane (where they belong), and someone behind you starts blinking lights and honking horn.

Shame on Georgi public school system for taking driver’s ed out of the curriculum, but it’s due to budget cuts (where is the money? numerous no kid and private school families pay school tax). Auto insurance companies should help fund the program, rather than spend money on ridiculous commercials.

Safe traveling.

-- Liz Shepard