Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day of prayer

Liz Fabian did an excellent job covering The National Day of Prayer events in Middle Georgia in last Friday’s edition. Bibb County, Perry, Warner Robins, Forsyth and Gray were mentioned.

Opps! Centerville was not mentioned. We also participated, as we do every year and we had an outstanding showing as always. We are very proud of our program as well as of the many participants, which includes our local clergy.

-- John R. Harley

Mayor of Centerville

In the books

The big thing in the news is how much air is legal, and quarterback Tom Brady is being made out to be a criminal. I played some football in the past -- not to his extent -- but was a defensive tackle. Let me tell you, offensive linemen will hold you and break rules if they can get away with it. Defensive players try to get every advantage in getting a jump on the offensive players and even be offsides if they think they have a ref that is cross-eyed. That’s football and any other sport played by two people with a cerebrum.

Guess who is supposed to decide these issues? Of course, it’s the officials. If the ball has 15 pounds, not 16, discipline them. If I am offsides and they don’t see it, the game still goes in the books.

-- Bob Kimsey


Blow the dam

I read lots of reasons that the people of Juliette want to save the dam there. All but one are nonsensical. They like playing, fishing, camping and picnicking there. Guess what? The river won’t disappear if the dam is removed. As a matter of fact the existing park will get bigger and the fishing will get better. The whole point of removing the dam is to increase fish populations.

The strangest reason I read was it allows people to float down the river. The dam does just the opposite. To get in the river now (to float south of Juliette toward Macon) you have to drive to the Jones County side of the river to East Juliette, navigate through the hamlet (better know where you’re going), park in a pothole filled dirt lot, and drag your boat through the woods to the river. If the dam wasn’t there, you could put in at the park at Juliette. The only reasons that made any sense is based on sentimentality; it’s historical, it’s a Juliette fixture, etc. Which are completely legitimate reasons. Just be honest about it and quit with the snow job.

-- Matt Dykes


No longer Will fan

I have read and respected, even admired, George Will since his syndicated column began publication, but I won’t give him the time of day since reading his “Onward Christian Huckabee” column in Monday’s Telegraph.

In the final analysis I might not vote for Huckabee even if he becomes the Republican nominee for president. I recognize that God, not government, should and is in control of a person’s morals, but at least Huckabee would be giving me the opportunity to let the country know what standards are important to me. I believe many, many others throughout the country may likewise express their beliefs, thus hopefully, influencing the person who does become president.

George Will, your column was far from appealing, it was, in your words, “appalling.” Here’s my “Goodbye.”

-- Carroll C. Underwood


Think big

I like the idea of getting a new baseball stadium in Macon and a minor league team, but not a Sally League or Single A. You need to try and find at least a AA team or a AAA team looking for a new home. That level would draw a crowd. You may also research getting some form of auto racing to Macon. Who knows, the IndyCar Series probably has room for another race. No need to spend millions on a track. It could be a Grand Prix type road race like Toronto and other places. You could use Martin Luther King to Riverside, left on College, left on Forsyth and back down to MLK. I know that’s some big thinking, but you must think big to get tourists here. You must make Macon a destination because all this small stuff doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

-- Neal Smith


No running

When I was a child, my parents taught me to never run from the law. My wife and I taught our children to never run from the law. Where have we gone wrong with all the people who are being killed trying to get away from police on foot and in cars?

Colossians 3:20: “Children obey your parents in all things, for this is pleasing to The Lord.”

We would have had many young people alive today if they had been taught this.

-- Leroy C White


Too smart to run

It is my observation that anyone intelligent enough with enough common sense or smart enough and qualified to be president of the United States has too much of these qualities to actually run for the office. Therefore, anyone who actually wants to run for president cannot be qualified to serve in the office.

-- Mark Rainer


The smell of asphalt

I wonder if the $900 million that is to be spent annually on Georgia’s roads and bridges construction and maintenance will ever come to fruition. Gov. Deal said, “Georgians will soon see the road crews and orange cones and smell the asphalt as it’s poured.” Sounds too much like President Obama’s “shovel ready” projects that were a part of his economic stimulus program, which never fully materialized.

I am skeptical of most politicians and most of the statements they make. Gov. Deal’s plan may just be another boondoggle. But in all fairness, I will acknowledge his foresight when I see those road crews and orange cones and smell that asphalt.

-- Robert L. Lehane

Fort Valley

No jail ministry?

Why is there no jailhouse ministry program at the Bibb County jail? I’ve heard that no one has preached there in a while. Are there no local ministers who are willing to offer some of their time to preach there?

-- Elaina Kimsey