Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rain deficit

The weather watchers on television talk about the deficit of rain all of the time. I contend if they put their rain gauge outside of their studios, the deficit might not be so much. Ya think?

-- Sterling Fallin

Warner Robins

Will miss Ed

Just a note to congratulate Ed Grisamore on his change of career. I took his autobiography class a while back in Fort Valley and enjoyed it very much. I know his columns will be missed by many loyal fans, including myself, and I’ll look forward to his return on a part-time basis. All the best in his new endeavors.

-- Terry Ross


Democrats fault

How many times does one have to practice the identical failing action before a change is accomplished? Twice? Four times? Years? The answer is that we don’t know. Consider Baltimore’s police force, the alleged cause of death for Freddie Gray, is run by African-American Democrats and is unionized.

Every member of Baltimore’s City Council is a Democrat. Baltimore last had a Republican mayor in 1967. The Baltimore school system is run by unionized Democrats. Democratic President Obama won 87 percent of Baltimore’s votes in 2012, up from 55 percent in 2008.

Democrats have given Baltimore federal spending for years. Democrats have operated Baltimore with their agenda and ideals for decades.

Democrats have even given rioters their own section of the city to destroy. Democrats have, forever, promised jobs for votes. Everywhere the media looks for answers to Baltimore’s troubles they find a Democrat. Democrats have voted more money for more programs for more years than the people of Baltimore can count. And yet it hasn’t worked.

One has to wonder when the good citizens of Baltimore will look elsewhere to cure their ills.

One has to wonder about the mindset of a city which elects the same failed people to represent them in the same failed ways with the same failed programs. And they better get there soon as the Democrats are telling them the money is now going to promote illegal aliens for citizenship. That means more folks on welfare and hunting for scarce jobs the Democrats have created.

It’s a sad commentary and one has to wonder where Baltimore’s desire for hope and change has gone and fled. This is governance in the 21st century. Are you happy?

-- Bob Norcott