Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Saturday, May 2, 2015

Someone’s son

As a parent I often worry about my son. When I carried him I prayed he would be healthy. When he was born I worried even more so I prayed more. I prayed because one day he would leave me to make a future for himself. I prayed that someone would give him a chance and if he made a mistake someone would give him a second chance. I would hope others realize that he is human so mistakes would happen. I pray that others will speak up for him and not turn a blind eye because they are afraid of losing their position.

This year I watched someone’s son who was not given a second chance. I know he went asking for help but didn’t receive any. He received a prestigious award from a little person he served daily without knowing his impact. However he still was not given a second chance just to have some comparisons. I listen to staff whisper that he was done wrong but chose not to verbalize it to the person who decided not to give him a second chance.

My heart is heavy because this could be my son. Ask yourself, would you want someone to give your child a second chance? If the answer is yes then how could you not give someone’s child a second chance?

-- Donna Fuler

Fort Valley

It doesn’t matter

Senseless death is senseless death. It doesn’t matter who takes the life, white cop, black cop; black gang member or any other race. Family members have the same heartache and pain. I’m not making excuses for rogue cops or anyone else. A life is a life if they riot and protest cop killings, why don’t they riot and protest when blacks kill other blacks? Maybe if we protested black on black murders the rate would slow down? Wherever you live every black on black murder isn’t solved. Why? No one records on their phones, see anything and or wants to be a snitch. However, we see, record and know everything that happens in a cop killing.

I pray neither one of my sons are gunned down by another black man because no one will care except his family. My heart aches for those black mothers and fathers who have had sons gunned down in the street as black America doesn’t bat an eye. Many are just innocent bystanders. Two 19-year-olds killed just trying to have a good time. Where’s the protest for them? Mother on television crying for her son, putting up reward money because those lame Blacks folks didn’t see anything. They’re miles from Baltimore and know exactly what happened.

-- Charles McGhee

Warner Robins

No incumbents

I was discharged from the Navy 49 years ago this month. After having traveled all over the world, I came to realize we live in a nation truly blessed by God. The deplorable conditions most people in other parts of the world live in is nothing we could live with in America. We enjoy the freedom to basically do as we wish provided we abide by the laws established by our government. Now that I am older, it saddens me to realize that, as a nation, we have allowed corruption and sold our integrity and values for the almighty dollar.

My wife and I lived for 55 years in the Bloomfield area of South Macon raising our children there. During those years, we saw our middle class neighborhood go from neighborly and friendly to violent and scary with the shootings and gang activity always on the rise. When our house was broken into and gangs members accosted my wife while she took the trash to the street, we decided we needed to move. Our son and his wife lived in Knoxville and my in-laws lived in Musella, so we bought a house in Roberta. We felt as though we had stepped back in time to something akin to living in Mayberry RFD. When I went to sign up for local water and telephone service and after giving the address, the clerk said “Oh you bought Mrs. so and so’s house. She was a school teacher here for many years.” People actually waved to you when I would pull out of our street going somewhere. It wasn’t long before everybody knew my business and I theirs.

Now to business. I was reading The Telegraph one day last week and came upon an article whereby Jeb Bush was trying to get legislation passed to form a “Super PAC.” The article stated the purpose of the legislation would be to establish laws whereby donations could be given in any amount to this PAC. How naive does Bush think we must be not to see through this guise of shadiness. Can you even imagine or add up the amount of corruption and greed this Super PAC legislation could sponsor or buy in any upcoming elections?

We always hear candidates say “It’s time for a change so vote for me.” Vote for me, vote for me. Now I don’t claim to be the sharpest pencil in the box but I think in order to bring about real change we’ve got to change the way we think about elections. Democracy is wonderful. Democracy is great. As stated earlier, we have the advantage of living in a country whereby we can determine our own destiny. Will our destiny be to continue on the same old path until Armageddon is upon us or can we try and effect real change until that time. My solution is this. I have never nor will I ever vote for an incumbent. To change government we must change the people in government. Don’t make it so easy for politicians to become so embedded into government that corruption and cronyism becomes second nature in an effort to get re-elected. Maybe then government could return to serving the people -- all the people -- of this great country.

This idea of not voting for incumbents may not be an answer to some of our problems but it surely could be the first step in sending a wake up call to government that we desire real change. Maybe, just maybe, Mayberry could then become more of a reality.

-- Lee Stephenson