Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, April 30, 2015

Macon’s best feature

Macon residents seem to celebrate their cherry trees, their beautiful homes and other material possessions, but as a resident of two years I believe you are not realizing your most outstanding feature: the politeness of so many of your citizens.

I am an 85-year-old woman who has to have a rollator or a cane, and use a basket as a support when I go shopping. I can still drive, but many tasks that were once routine are no longer in my ability. So, what happens?

I am adopted by Macon citizens wherever I go, adopted by people of all ages, black and white, who open doors for me, offer to unload groceries to my car, share their umbrellas, and one lady even insisted on giving me her jacket one day when it was cold. One postman left his route to lead me out of downtown when I was lost (and downtown Macon still remains a mystery to me.) Another local postman came from behind the counter and insisted on carrying the heavy package I had just received to my car. The list goes on and on.

Who is responsible for this behavior? Churches, mothers, wives, husbands? I don’t know, but I would rather see you feature pictures of them in your newspaper rather than the pictures of people wanted by the police.

-- Elizabeth S. Hill


Where’s the history?

In visiting the Macon downtown Visitors Center, I was surprised to learn they have no Civil War maps or brochures on Macon. They have a brochure on Andersonville only.

Now that the sesquicentennial is passing, it seems a little late to correct this situation. However, at least a Macon map showing wartime facilities and brochures on the Cannonball House and the nearby battles should be a minimum, I would think.

-- R.H. Moulton


Not playing

Toya Graham is being hailed a “hero” from the viral video showing her smacking her son across the head for participating in the riots in Baltimore. Had this video surfaced under many other circumstances, she possibly could have been brought up on charges for child abuse, or there would have been a public outcry about why she hit her child.

Graham stated that she has six children and to put it simply, “she don’t play that.”

I can relate with her as I have four children -- two boys and two girls -- and also am a single mother by way of being a widow. I have many fears/concerns for my children but especially for my boys because they will grow to be men -- black men.

If parents, not just moms and not just dads, but parents would fulfill their parental obligations of directing and teaching their children, I do not feel that we would have seen many of the disturbing images that have been plastered across media for the past several days. So many people who do not live in your house or know your struggle are quick to say something about the various ways of disciplining children. I am most certainly not an advocate for any type of abuse to a child, or to a person for that matter, but I am the first to reiterate that parents need to be parents. If more parents “didn’t play that,” we might have a better future to look forward to.

-- Zandra Wilkerson


A vision of chaos

Chief Justice Roberts said that it might OK for gays to marry because the issue is not morality or what God teaches or what nature teaches, but the issue may be sex discrimination. We won’t know until late June what the judges finally decide.

In the meantime, let me posit this possibility, which will happen if we destroy the current definition of marriage, a definition supported by incredible majorities in every religion.

The issue raised: Jane can marry William, but John cannot marry William. Sex discrimination? What about John AND Jordan AND Bob AND Dexter AND Sam ALL loving William? Can they ALL marry William? How about 23 women lovers marrying Jane or William or both? And, if my dog loves me and I love my dog, why can’t we both marry (and get tax benefits on the side!)? And, if John and Mary are married and their 16-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter fall in love with their mother, and vice versa, can’t the children enter into the marriage of John and Mary?

After all, it is a private affair, per liberals.

If the court changes marriage, chaos will never stop ... and God will never forget.

-- Charles Sanferrare


Show respect

Shame on The Telegraph for allowing a letter writer to refer to our president, not once but twice, as “Barry.” (It’s no secret that The Telegraph freely edits many of its letters, so tweaking this one should have presented no problem.) Whatever one thinks of him, he is our duly elected president and one should respect the office even if one doesn’t respect the man.

That letter writer unfortunately typifies far too many of today’s most vocal conservatives. Whether from lack of intelligence, paucity of information, lack of moral grounding or some combination of the three, they substitute name-calling and derision for discussion and debate. Unable to compete in the arena of ideas, they resort to the equivalent of the sandbox. They are a disgrace to conservatism.

-- David Mann


Kudos to Topping

The citizens of Macon-Bibb are so very lucky to have a man such as Pat Topping, the executive vice-president of the Macon Economic Development Commission. I have worked with him and his efforts to bring industries to the Macon-Bibb area. I am wondering why Topping has not been snatched up by some other city to work his magic for them.

I think the reason he has not left the area is his love for the community. Thank the good Lord for Pat Topping and the wonderful job he does to improve the lives of the citizens of Macon-Bibb each and every day.

-- Tony Abel