Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, April 23, 2015

Valdosta flag desecration

How many veterans attend Valdosta State University? How many veterans have children attending VSU? How many veterans and their children will still attend after their president supported the desecration of the United States flag? Michelle Manhart, I support you 100 percent. You go girl!

-- Bob Whitley

Warner Robins

Desecration of the flag

The president, William J. McKinney, of Valdosta State University should be tried for treason for his endorsement of desecrating the American flag. If the protesters don’t love it, they should leave. They are walking on the fighting side of me. I am proud of that young veteran that took the flag away from them.

-- Sterling Fallin

Warner Robins

Reaching out for homeless female veterans

I have tried on several occasions to reach out to all local news media about this subject. However, none has contacted me about covering this information. I am competing to be Ms Veteran America 2015. The most important part of this competition is to bring awareness about homelessness among women veterans.

It is important to discuss this with the public. Women have different needs than men in this situation. However, very few programs tailor to suit their needs. Most programs do not consider feminine needs nor children needs.

Veteran women gave their all for their country. Those that are in need deserve our attention and help. Thankfully, there are some organizations that have taken the call to help our women heroes in need.

Final Salute Inc, which operates out of the D.C. area, provides several programs to assist homeless veteran women. They have expanded their assistance throughout the U.S. Locally, Genesis Joy House is breaking ground in Middle Georgia to help veteran women in need.

We should do all what we can to help our veteran sisters. If they were willing to give their lives for us, we should be able to give something back. For more information, contact either organization, donate and volunteer.

-- Myrna Figueroa

Warner Robins

Shots fired

Mike Butts letter of April 13 in The Telegraph brings up some questions about Sheriff Davis and the officers who responded to a call about the shooting at fishermen who clearly saw an individual on the second floor balcony at Dr. Ghali’s’ home. Why did the officers not search the yard under that balcony? Seems to me this was an attempt to shoot these fishermen. Tnat alone would give them the right to search for the individual who did the shooting. I do not see any mention by anyone of just when Sheriff Davis was notified. The incompetence displayed hereby the officers and the sheriff is inexcusable. Frankly, it appears the sheriffs’ office chose to believe one doctor from Mercer over three fishermen who clearly saw where the shots came from. Seems to me that your position in the community determines how you are treated by those in charge of protecting the citizens of Bibb County

-- Raymond Harris


Keep moving

As long as you can stay in your home, do so. It is far better in most cases, to hire (very carefully) a person to come daily as needed to help with your maintenance. Do as much as you can as long as you can.

Upon realization that all remedies are no longer viable, with extreme investigations find a quality place to go. I, like many of you have seen the horrible conditions (food, transportation, thefts and poor quality of care). The costs of the older facilities are preposterous. The buildings have been paid for and maintained by thousands before you. The concept of taking cruises constantly is romantically enticing, but really unsuitable for most. The costs could be found to be less than high end properties costing $6,000 to $12,000 a month!

Have your love ones look at all facilities within driving range. There are some extremely nice properties which have the real quality life experiences. Planned activities on sight that keeps the mind and body in tune!

There is life after maturing. My precious mother in law (now deceased) had more friends into her 90s than young folk. Para-sailed at 85. So make good decisions and be very careful.

-- Joe Hubbard



We have been breeding (modifying) plants since farming began. Today there is no current food crop on the market that is harvested from its original native species. The wheat variety that all bread in the world today is produced from are a combination of 31 different native plants. The original native banana was only 3 inches long and full of seed. Plant breeding in the field, in the lab, or through grafting is the reason why we have been able to grow enough food to keep pace with the population growth of the planet. We currently farm 96% of the arable land on the globe.

Crops that have been bred in a laboratory are not a new phenomenon. These types of crops were researched in the 1970’s and commercialized in the early 1990’s.

The health record of food grown from GMO type crops is unblemished. Their safety record has been studied extensive by USDA and our University system. Trillions of meals have been consumed without a single documented case of negative effects. Today 70 percent of the products on grocery shelves have some component in them that could be called GMO. Adding new labeling requirements will cost every family $300.00 per year in added food cost with no benefit.

A much greater concern about food safety is country of origin. This noise about GMO is a non-issue. I personally recommend the website GMOanswers.com as a source for scientific information on this subject.

-- Spencer Black

licensed agronomist


Political opportunism

According to D.A. King’s recent column in The Telegraph, every Middle Georgia state senator voted to continue granting driver’s licenses to people who are in this country illegally and moreover voted to hide his vote by keeping the tally off the record.

If Mr. King’s report is accurate, every state senator from Middle Georgia chose to put special interests and political correctness ahead of the good of the state, the good of the country and the will of the people he has sworn to represent. Moreover, by choosing to hide their votes rather than let those who elected them see where they stand on this vital issue, they have shown that they are cowards.

Politicians of this ilk depend on public complacency and short memories to get re-elected. So let’s not forget. “Middle Georgia senators” is an imprecise term, and Mr. King names only Macon Sen. John Kennedy (in the online comments about his column) as being among the culprits. But, unless any of them can show that Mr. King’s account is incorrect, we may reasonably assume that the other Middle Georgia senators who share responsibility for this travesty are Ross Tolleson of Perry, David Lucas of Macon and Burt Jones of Jackson, whose district extends down into Bibb County. Let us show this ignoble quartet, come election time, that lawmakers who ignore the good of the state, the good of the country and the will of the people will not be returned to office -- nor will gutless jellyfish.

-- David Mann