Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, April 20, 2015

Help children read

Are you like me and sometimes feel helpless to know how to promote learning? Here is a way we can help with childhood literacy. Rainbow House in Houston County along with the Ferst Foundation promotes a plan called Ferst Readers. For your investment of $36 a year, Rainbow House will get an age-appropriate book to a child each month. Can you believe that some children in Houston County do not own a single book? It’s true. What a wonderful thing it would be if we could start just one library for a child? Call Tian Foss at Rainbow House at 478-923-5923

-- Faye Lacey

Warner Robins

Get behind MSO

The recent article that appeared in The Telegraph concerning financial challenges for the Macon Symphony Orchestra was sad news. It is to be hoped the current shortfall will be met with overwhelmingly increased support by our community, as the MSO surely supplies some of the finest cultural events available in our area. While there are other fine musical opportunities, particularly through the sponsorship of Mercer University, there is nothing comparable to a first rate orchestra performing one of the great classical masterpieces. Newcomers have been heard to say the quality of music heard from the MSO is comparable to that available in larger cities. Please, fellow Maconites, let’s get behind our wonderful orchestra, financially as well as by our presence at the next performance April 25.

-- Charles Bass


Litany of lies

Sorry if Carl Pirkle is in such a pickle (April 11) over my negative comments in The Telegraph about our current president. I’d prefer Pirkle continue to submit his musings to Viewpoints, at least so Frank Gadbois’ views will have some chummy company. I have no respect for John Kerry other than he did serve in Vietnam. The lies he told about his fellow soldiers and his association with Jane Fonda was all I needed to form my opinion of him. President Obama, meanwhile, has taken prevarication to heights never dreamed of by his predecessors. I cannot sing praises for a president who looks into the teleprompter and tells American people complete lies. I mean lies of such magnitude, neither Richard Nixon nor Bill Clinton would attempt them. His whole administration is practically lawless. Eric Holder’s DOJ broke international law as well as our own federal laws, by giving more than 2,000 long guns to Mexican narco-traffickers. People died. No one is even charged. Lois Lerner politically and illegally targeted conservatives from her IRS perch but is allowed to retire with pension. The IRS director lied several times to Congress. Nothing but crickets. Six billion dollars went missing during Secretary Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department and nobody seems to care, much less investigate the loss. The beat goes on with the VA, DHS, EPA and many other agencies. We the people should not tolerate lies from our leaders, and more of us should call them out when they do.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Top offensive ads

This is a very short multiple-choice test containing only one question. And, to make things even easier, there is no one correct answer. So, get out your No. 2 pencil and have a go at answering the question below.

Q: Which of the following TV commercials do you find most offensive or which would you nominate for the “Loser Ad of the Year” Award?

(A) Any ambulance chaser (lawyer) video featuring a rap singer or a lawyer standing on top of an 18 wheeler.

(B) A heating/air conditioning ad that features a business owner actually sniffing the underarms of an employee. Can you say, “crude”?

(C) An ad for Cialis, Viagra, Depends or catheters that airs during the dinner hour.

(D) A male “enhancement” drug ad that airs at any time of the day or night.

(E) Any “cutesy” ad that features the very “cute” child/children of the business owner no matter how “cute” the parent/business owner thinks they are. My daddy says it is wrong to use the kids this way.

Of course, we all have the power of the remote control to limit or avoid any/all of these type ads, and we can also show our displeasure by boycotting the offensive product/service being advertised as well. But, some of these ads are effective with some viewers, otherwise, they would not be running.

As the ultimate offensive TV commercial, I suggest a lawyer rapping while standing atop a moving 18 wheeler as he sniffs the underarms of his “cute” child who is holding a sign advertising a male “enhancement” product in one hand and a “Byron Baby” sign in the other.

-- Bill Curry


End result

Letter writers to The Telegraph about Iranian/Obama nuclear negotiations try to quench their thirst for peace (“in our time”) by drinking the Kool- Aid talking points prepared by the president and his advisers, all apparently only thinking it’s a short time until he leaves office and embellishment of his so called legacy.

When you paint the floor of a room where you end up in a corner with no viable exit, you leave the floor flawed with your footprints as you exit. Think about Obama’s foreign policy legacy, i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Israel and American influence and security.

Agreements between two entities is often achieved after negotiations. “Remember, agreement in principle does not dictate agreement in practice. It does, however, serve to save face at the moment.” The end result could be a return to even greater conflict and dangers after the negotiators have left the scene.

-- Arthur D. Brook.


Resisting arrest

Here we go again another tragic police shooting. All I’m going to say to keep from ranting and raving, is. Address the root problem. The police are not the problem. Stop resisting arrest.

-- Neal Smith