Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Saturday, April 18, 2015

Southside Lions Club

Our club was chartered April 1955. We celebrated our 60th anniversary this Saturday. We have given much to our community: tens of thousands of volunteer hours, thousands of pairs of eyeglasses and hundreds of hearing aides, started the Enjoy The Scene Keep Macon Clean, established the South Macon Boys Baseball, the re-premier of the movie: “God Is My Co-Pilot” at the Grand, and the purchase and planting of hundreds of cherry trees and the concept of building a festival around them.

We were instrumental in establishing the Georgia Eye Bank and the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, we worked with the Georgia Blind Academy (even the Boy Scout Troop), held the Emory Greene Annual Pancake Breakfast for over 35 years to fund scholarships to the Macon Hospital Nursing School and later the nursing program at Macon Junior until the HOPE Scholarship program started and many other projects that benefited the citizens of Macon and Bibb County.

We also support our Lions programs: Leader Dog, S.E. Guide Dog, Canine Companions, Georgia Lions Camp, Georgia Lions Lighthouse and Lions Clubs International Foundation. Last year alone through LCIF, our donations funded 14,000 doses of vaccines in Third World countries to prevent measles and blindness. I invited the local television stations to come if they felt our anniversary was newsworthy. Evidently it wasn’t, none of them came. Understandably a local writer was on vacation and could not attend. However as our motto “We Serve” reflects, we will continue to serve our community and the world.

-- Edward M. Adams Sr.

Macon/Warner Robins

Holy history

Fred R. van Hartesveldt and his amazingly distorted view of history and current events are really entertaining. Let’s see now, “the Republican policy of perpetual war has failed the U.S. in human and economic terms.”

I believe he is referring to recent history and probably Iraq and Afghanistan. His hero, President Obama, voted to back President Bush in both actions, as did Senator/Secretary Hillary Clinton. Can’t rewrite it, those are facts.

Now after six years and no change? Humm. So much for the president’s attempts. Maybe he was referring to historical wars started and run by Republicans. In my lifetime there was Korea. Wait, Harry Truman was a Democrat, then Vietnam, no, not that either, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were Democrats. Maybe World War II? Oh right, that was FDR, Democrat. World War I Yep, Wilson, a Democrat. Holy history, what shall we do?

-- James R. Huber


Off budget wars

Fred van Hartesveldt makes some points that clearly have to be challenged. Since he made no references to names, only Republicans, and offered no research to backup his outlandish claims, all of his rant can be dismissed. As for President Obama and his attempts at appeasement go, it sounds too much like Neville Chamberlain. Maybe van Hartesveldt needs to check history, I am sure Chamberlain’s actions aren’t in his version. I think it is great that a 10 year war can be waged, off the budget, I do, however, wonder where he got that information. Only he has not been hoodwinked? If indeed it’s true. Just saying things doesn’t make them fact. Israel seems to be working, but that is in the real world.

-- Michael Collins


Favored few

In today’s tight economy the state General Assembly is cutting funds for education, public safety and infrastructure. But they granted a $350,000 tax break to a private religious college. The bill’s sponsor claims he wrote the legislation because the college asked him to do it. I wonder if he would do the same for me? He says his rational was that since individuals can claim exemptions on their tax form why not a private religious college?

I wonder if the Legislature is establishing the mechanism whereby a favorite entity can start a building project then request a sales tax exemption? Once again our legislators are taking care of the favored few at the expense of the taxpayers.

-- Jim Costello