Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, April 13, 2015

Lake shooting

I have been following the news about three fishermen being shot at on Lake Tobesofkee. I find the response and action of the sheriff and the district attorney’s office to be both laughable and insulting to the people of Macon-Bibb County. Additionally, a neighbor at a nearby home heard shots at the same time. The location (a house) where the shots were fired and the type of weapon are known. The sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office seem to have no clue about how to proceed or what to do. It is also interesting the home owner immediately lawyered up. That action would hint that the homeowner has some prior experience in dealing with law enforcement.

A search warrant for the weapon was not issued on the night of the shooting. Why not? That weapon is most likely long gone. Apparently, for obvious reasons, the homeowner is untouchable. No one wants to touch Mercer University. The sheriff and the district attorney’s office are petrified by this shooting. They want it to go away and go away quickly. It is travesty that so many other shootings in Macon-Bibb County are investigated to great length, yet this shooting is getting swept under the rug. Nothing will ever come of this.

-- Mike Butts


Nobody showed up

To families of black-on-black homicide victims, the violence and killing continues with no end in sight. As a race, we refuse to highlight on a national or local stage the rate of black-on black-murders. If, as a race, we would give one third of the attention to blacks killing blacks as we do when someone from another race kills one of our youth, I believe it would send a message.

If organizations and elected officials, especially African-Americans, would put aside their need for personal recognition and work together to address problems with youth violence in our community, we could address problems with a united front. I sent letters to every African-American organization in Middle Georgia with male membership. The letter simply said to get two or three members from each organization and let’s meet and come up with three root causes of the violence in our community. Not to do anything as a group, just come up with three root causes for each individual organization to focus on.

Do you know how many of those organizations responded? Zero. Just to talk and come up with three root causes of violence in our community. I get it, each organization has their own missions, but it wasn’t about deviating from their mission -- it’s about the youth.

-- Charles McGhee

Warner Robins

Return home

Jew is a New Testament word derived from the Hebrew word Yehudi, meaning, “from the tribe of Judah,” Israel (Yisrael) means, “He has striven with God.” Torah means, “to teach” and is part of the Tanakh (Jewish Bible). Jews are God’s chosen people. Jews and Christians share the same God. The Jewish religion (Judaism) views Jesus as a false messiah. Messianic Jews believe Jesus is the Messiah.

The Old Testament and the Torah prophesied about the Messiah (Jesus) and a few self-serving clergy along with Rome fulfilled the prophesy according to God’s will. The seven million Jews at the time of Jesus number 14 million today and the hand full of Nazarenes (Messianic Jews) and Christians at that time now number 2.1 billion.

The Torah and Old Testament are riddled with examples of the horrific punishments inflicted by God on those Jews who strayed from him and their effectiveness in getting them to return. The ghastly, unrelenting horrors Jews have and continue to endure around the world since rejecting God’s son is heart-wrenching.

The Tanakh and Christian Bible tell us how prideful arrogance led to Uzziah’s downfall, hardened the heart of Nebuchadnezzar and ensures destruction. Israel, before the evil amassing around it is unleashed, return to your father’s house and embrace his Son (your brother) Jesus. A celebration awaits you; otherwise, prepare for the inevitable, yet again.

-- Travis L. Middleton

Peach County


It has become very apparent that this country has become so totally insane with its rules, regulations and laws. We actually have people who cross the border illegally and now the State Department wants to go down to Central America, get their relatives and fly them back to the U.S. at taxpayer expense, at which time it will become the taxpayer’s responsibility to supply them with food stamps, health care and education.

I can’t figure this out -- why aren’t people outraged by this? Have we become so complacent that we just don’t care anymore? I pay more in taxes every year than I made in gross pay the first five years of working combined. It is time for the real working group of Americans to stand up and say enough is enough. These are the people who actually pay taxes, not those who get back more than they paid in. Just ask the next individual how much they paid in taxes, most of the time you will get, “I got money back.” These are the people who aren’t smart enough to vote in an election.

We aren’t here to support every individual or family in the world. If you are looking for that, look to the churches. The government is meant to govern -- that’s it and nothing else. What this means is to supply the states with the money they need to operate, the military the money it needs to protect the country and nothing else. We shouldn’t be giving away the hard working dollars of our citizens to those who won’t work for themselves and their families nor any countries who are against what we stand for. Instead of demanding change in their own countries, these individuals come to this country to live off of the backs of those who actually do make a difference and actually want change.

We have too many demanding, “hope and change” for their benefit who aren’t actually contributing to the community nor the country. I am personally ready for election law changes that would restrict from voting those who don’t contribute to the nation. Why should they? All they do is vote their masters’ in to allow the gimme group more of what it doesn’t earn.

I know this sounds cruel, discriminatory or racist to those who don’t know what the word actually means. I ask you, do you want me telling you what you should pay for, be responsible for and hold you accountable at the point of a gun which is what the federal government does? That, my friend, is robbery, no matter how you look at it.

-- Steve Barker

Warner Robins