Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, April 12, 2015

I finally get it

Since I live in Lizella and travel to the Wellness Center to work out, I pass through the intersection of Lamar Road and Thomaston/Lower Thomaston Road twice a day. When I first heard about the roundabout that was replacing the perfectly good four-way stop there, I thought to myself, “What a waste of time, land, resources and taxpayer money.” However, since going through the not-quite-finished (but functioning) product, I finally get it.

Before there were always several cars ahead of me stopped aat the four-way stop sign. So I would stop, then creep up; stop again and creep up, etc. etc., until it was finally my turn to get across the intersection. Now, having used the new-and-approved intersection for the past month, I have not had to stop once. You simply yield to the other traffic that is circling.

There is never any backed up traffic since the cars clear out faster. This thing saves me time, gas and, I’m assuming, my brake pads. And on top of that, I understand they are safer because there aren’t any head-on collisions. Good job DOT. I promise never to tell the joke, “What’s yellow and black and sleeps six?” (a DOT truck) again.

-- Arthur Caldwell


Striving and caring

I am writing this letter to compliment the newspaper and Jason Vorhees for the photograph appearing on the front page of The Telegraph on Friday. It is the picture of Cassidy Austin and Langdon Scott participating in the Special Olympics. I loved the expression on the faces of both young people. Langdon tells us to always try our very best and Cassidy tells us to always be willing to help a fellow traveler along the way of life. Jason’s photograph and those wonderful people send several messages to all of us. The expressions on their faces of joy in competing and the pleasure of helping another person warms the heart. It shows in a graphic vision a dream for all of humankind -- that we might live in peace and with a commitment to one another to care for each other. But I want to especially thank Cassidy Austin and Langdon Scott for their actions which provided all of us a vision of striving and caring.

-- John Stumbo

Fort Valley

Served and protected

It is hard to watch the videos of Adriel Miles and Shelby Smith, two of the anglers who received gunfire while fishing on Lake Tobesofkee behind the home of Dr. Jalal K. Ghali the night of March 21, and not feel deep empathy for their helplessness and mortal fear in that situation. They clearly saw the silhouette of a man on the rear balcony of the doctor’s home firing a rifle with a red laser sight at the water near their boat. No verbal warning was given to them before they were fired upon. After speaking with the anglers, Macon-Bibb County deputies assured them somebody would be going to jail that night. But when those same deputies arrived at the doctor’s home, they apparently changed their minds about taking anyone to jail or doing much of anything about figuring out the who, what and why of the gunfire. They eventually meekly left because the doctor turned the porch light off. Sheriff David Davis now says that while he is real sorry about all this, his deputies are “inept” and they will be given a good tongue lashing. Huh? I think it is time the GBI or the U.S. Department of Justice or someone else takes a look at this and figures out why Sheriff Davis allows “inept” deputies to serve and protect Macon-Bibb. I certainly believe that “someone” is being served and “someone” is being protected, but it’s not African-American fishermen on Lake Tobesofkee.

-- David J. Griffin


Where’s the alternative?

As a three-year-retired teacher who has won accolades on the local and state levels, I find it incomprehensible that a fellow Georgia teacher would be handcuffed and carted off to jail immediately after a guilty verdict on charges that did not include one of the seven deadly sins. The purpose of this letter is to voice an inability to understand what could possibly be gained by such action. The same feelings are shared by hundreds of Georgians.

Sending educators to jail cannot be undone, but upon sentencing an alternative to jail should be implemented.

-- Mary Breeding


Wrong message

In his Easter message from the White House, the president said, “I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.” If he is going to be consistent with his insistence that ISIS is just a terrorist organization, and not a bunch of Muslims, shouldn’t he have said he was concerned with those who he considers to be just “verbally abusive Americans”?

-- Dan Topolewski